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May 13, 2008 08:16 PM

MSP: Sauced in North Minneapolis

Recommendation: Life is short, start with dessert.
Peach Strawberry Tart. It was awesome. Made to order, so we needed to wait a bit. delicate puff pastry. flavorfull fruit. caramel sauce. nicely plated.

Salads were our main course: The special was Ahi Tuna over spring greens. Tuna was rare, flavorful.
The other salad was Roasted Root vegetables over spinach with goat cheese. Loved the combination and the dressings.

They have enhanced the environment from the previous place.
Looking foward to warm weather to sit on the patio. They've added a pleasant structure to shield from the street/alley/parking.

Reviewed in Rake Mag

2203 44th Ave N

Come to North Minneapolis and have a great meal.

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  1. This is great! Thank you. I knew this place was coming and drove by a couple weeks ago but saw the old Rix signage. I'll be sure to get over there for lunch soon.

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      I look forward to your impressions!

    2. Too bad I don't get up that way often--the menu sounds interesting. And you can't beat a nice patio this time of year.

      I hate the name, but I have to say that the crack burger sounds very appealing: choice angus beef with blue cheese, oven-dried tomatoes, finished with veal demi-glace and served on a sourdough roll. And the roasted root vegetables dish you had sounds fantastic--two of my favorites--roasted root vegetables AND goat cheese...

      Thanks for the report!


      1. Based on this and the Rake's review, we went for lunch today. LOVED it. Service could have been a bit better, but the kid was young and it wasn't by any means bad enough to keep us from returning. We tried the duo of spreads (smoked salmon with lemon zest and tarragon; pancetta and blue cheese with walnuts) and the chicken and shallot skewers in a coffee mole with cilantro-orange butter. Both were delicious, and the spreads were well seasoned (the cilantro orange butter was great, but once it got mixed in with the mole we wanted a touch more citrus to brighten it up-- maybe a wedge of lime on the side?). For entrees I had the fennel chicken salad-- I was hesitant because... well, it's chicken, and in restaurants it's usually dry. This chicken was lightly smoked, with caramelized fennel, and it pretty much melted upon contact with my tongue. The salad dressing was a cider vinaigrette, and really well balanced. Wow. I am drooling just remembering it. CG had the turkey cubano, and he really liked it as well. It came wrapped in foil, and I have to admit, I lost all social graces and began scraping the foil with my finger and licking it up. That to me is the mark of a good restaurant.

        We didn't even get to the "bites" and entrees sections. I want to try the mussels, the ceviche, the spaghetti squash cakes, the salmon, the bucatini.... This chef is really quite talented with his flavors, and I think the food (even though the ambience is casual) is worth driving to North Minny for.

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          Caramelized fennel! One of my favorites and so rare to find on a menu. Thank you CGG for this terrific report and type2runner for bringing this restaurant to our attention!


        2. Returned for lunch on Saturday. Chose the Cajun Chicken sandwich (pulled chicken tossed in a cajun tomato sauce, with bacon, apple and provolone). Loved it. The cajun tomato was not overpowering at all, quite pleasant. Served on an onion bun. I'm not big on onion bread, and to manage food intake, I usually don't eat the top of the bun. I did, however try the bun top--not overwhelming. Bun was nicely toasted.

          Went healthier and selected the fresh fruit: Honeydew and cantalope with pineapple.

          1. This place is closed. There's supposed to be a new restaurant opening in the same space.

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              Wow. Another one bites the dust. :(

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                They handled the switch from Rix poorly. The last time I went, I thought Rix had just expanded their menu. In fact, I'm still not sure whether I went at the end of Rix, or the beginning of Sauced.

                Food forward in North Minneapolis is a neat idea, but it needs to be anchored in the blue collar experience. If Blue Door is looking to add a Minneapolis location...