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May 13, 2008 07:48 PM

Sage Bistro or George Martin?

We will be meeting a friend in Merrick for dinner this Sunday. I live in Manhattan and my experiences in Long Island restaurants have mostly been disappointing. I'm hoping to find something I will really enjoy. Our friend wants to try Sage Bistro in Bellmore, and I read a NY Times review of George Martin the Original, in Rockville Centre, that rated it an "excellent". Any opinions? Anything else in the same price range that you think is better?

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  1. I like George Martin - I don't think you will go wrong picking it. I went to Sage once - I thought the food was just OK and the service not so great. I would suggest Nicholas James (always good) or Brooks and Porter (only been for drinks, but gets raves on this site) in Merrick

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      Thank you for the suggestions. I spoke with my friend and she mentioned a place she has been to, Starfish. I took a look at the menu and it looks more interesting than Sage. Nicholas James and Brooks and Porter look impressive but more expensive, and we are not big on steak, so we will probably try Starfish. Any thoughts on this?

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        I have not been to Nicholas James, but have been to Sage Bistro(just once) and several times to Star Fish. Star Fish has a nice menu (not big), and everything we have tried so far was good. The chef will not deviate from his recipes(at least when we were there), so you get the dish as described. If you want fish, however, and don't mind spending a bit more, I recommend Cool Fish in Syosset. It is superior to Star Fish, once owned by the same owner. He sold Star Fish years ago. If you go to Star, try their chocolate bag for dessert. Sage was fantastic, in my opinion. We went with friends, it isn't cheap, we thoroughly enjoyed dinner. With wine(a bottle) apps, salads, entrees coffee and for four with tax and tip, 220. All in all, a fine meal will be had, Enjoy!

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          Thank you. Unfortunately, Syosset is too out of the way, but it seems like we would do well with either Starfish or Sage. The menu at Starfish looks more unusual, so I think we will stick with that. I'm not even sure we will all eat fish, as they have quite a few meat options also.

    2. Thanks to all. We went to Starfish and it was quite good. The 3 ceviche appetizer was huge and impressive. The calamari, fried oysters, soft-shell crabs, and salmon with wild mushroom ravioli were all interesting and well-prepared. Attentive service and pleasant atmosphere.

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        it sounds like they have improved from when we went although it was quite a while ago.