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May 13, 2008 07:39 PM

Aquaknox & L'Atelier Question [LV]

We're in Las Vegas late next week, and as it's my wife's b'day, we're doing L'Atelier. Just did the London branch and it was spectacular. However, she has meetings and an event on her actual b'day, so I am dining alone. Followed two recent threads, plus did a
search this board," for Aquaknox (Venetian) and got several "honorable mentions," but did not find any reviews. I was hoping for Bouchon, but it was just too late.

Does anybody have recent experiences with Aquaknox? Did I do OK? I'm used to doing a night, or two, solo, so that is not biggie. It happens in SF, DC, Chicago, NOLA and many other spots, including London. The menu looks good, and the wine list great. Since I am staying next door, Palazzo, I do not have to think about driving. I'll probably sweet talk the sommelier into a "pairing," rather than a full 0.750 ltr and a glass of red. I did not see mention of any b-t-g offerings, nor did I see anything on a "tasting menu," or a "sommelier's pairing," but have found that many of these are not printed up, though available for the asking. Any comments, suggestions, caveats?

Will do a full report of both, upon return to PHX.



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  1. Sorry, can't help you on Aquanox because only had lunch there and it was awhile ago. But as to Bouchon, are you against dining solo at the bar? Because you wouldn't need a reservation to do that and the bar's pretty large. I'm kind of surprised they're so horribly crowded that you can't get a two-top, they have a ton of them.

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    1. re: Debbie W

      I had thought about doing just that. I am not adverse to doing the bar, so long as there is room for the wine glasses. Usually, if it's my wife, and I, dining, a normal 2-top is way, way too small. I'm now torn between cancelling Aquaknox and hoping for Bouchon as a single walk-in.

      It would not be the greatest tradgedy, should I have to walk around a bit and find some place to dine. Since this is just for me, with no guests, or board members to entertain, I probably do not need reservations, but it's a habit. Heck, I've already got most of our evenings booked on Maui for November!

      Thanks for the suggestion, and I may take you up on it.


      1. re: Bill Hunt

        Another idea, although I have no idea if it's your style: how about a dine-around - two or three places with some food and wine at each? We've done that twice at the MGM but certainly with all the choices at the Venetian and Palazzo, you could put together quite an evening for yourself.

        1. re: Debbie W


          Sounds interesting. If I were with the right group, I'd take you up on your suggestion. For me, I'd just as soon park myself in one spot and kick back to enjoy a multi-course meal, with some great wines.

          Thanks for the suggestion,


    2. I had a light lunch at Aquaknox earlier this spring. They definitely had a very nice by-the-glass wine list, so no worries on that front. As I recall, I had a glass (or 2) of a Hess Chard that was lovely with the crab appetizer & salad I was having.

      (Also, you might run a search for "Aquanox" -- although you have the correct spelling, that looks to be a common typo.)

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      1. re: emmaAmethyst

        I tried a couple of variations, and either got no hits, or about the same, as with *their* spelling. Most of those articles were about other places, and someone added a rec. for Aquaknox. I do appreciate the suggestion though, as I sometimes feel that I need to repeat Boolean 101.


      2. On the high end, tasting menu and wine pairing available at either Charlie Trotter's Restaurant or Bar, right there in the Palazzo

        B&B ristorante (Batali&Bastianich) has what you're looking for also if Italian suits the bill, in Venetian

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        1. re: zack

          Trotter's, eh? I've done his eponymous Chicago restaurant and it was good, though maybe not as great, as we had hoped. Thanks for the suggestion. Based on Debbie W's comments above, I may cancel (depending on what comments I get) and just take pot-luck. Being a single, with no schedule that night, I can wait for a bit, with a worthwhile wine list.

          Thanks for the comments, as I had not seen C. Trotter's on the Palazzo's Web site. Didn't even see a "Dining" tab on their main page. Note to self: get eyes checked...


          1. re: Bill Hunt

            Great thread on Charlie @ The Palazzo.


            It's on my short list for my bi monthly Vegas trips.

            1. re: ciaogal

              Thank you for the rec. and the link. I think I am going to stay with Aquaknox for my solo experience. I'll do a full report, provided that the CH MODs do not silence me. Seems that I have become persona non grata around her, because I made a rec. (with full disclosure of my ties) for a caterer in Phoenix. For some reason, most of my posts do not make it up now, so I may have to do my reviews under another nym. More, as it develops.