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May 13, 2008 07:24 PM

Currently operating chains that used to be, but are no longer in your state?

Here in PA, I was surprised to see that there are no longer any White Castle stores in the entire state (except for the frozen burgers you can but at the grocery store). Additionally, Hardees are all but gone from here as well. Can anyone from PA think of a few others? What chains have you noticed that have pulled out of your state? Also, what chains have opened locations in your state recently? In PA, Steak-N-Shake and Sonic are relatively new.

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  1. RIP Krispy Kreme. The other chains we can do without.

    1. We really miss Donato's Pizza. Seems they were here, exploded and then left. I haven't seen one in PA for a LONG time. They had great wings, too. I miss them terribly.

      1. I haven't seen a Jack in the Box since the shooting that occured at the one on MacDade in Delaware County back in 1976.

        1. We're still wondering why all the Krispy Kremes disappeared from NY.

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            I don't think they do as well in the Northeast, because I don't think we have the Southern sweet tooth up here, and Krispy Kremes do not travel at all. I have had them in the South, and the only one I liked was the original yeast-raised glazed, but you have to eat them hot, or they turn vile and greasy.

            In my family, donuts were traditionally a Sunday morning treat. My dad would pick up a dozen at the local bakery on the way to Mass, and we'd eat them when we got home (you still had to fast from midnight Saturday until after Sunday Mass back then). I used to like Dunkins back then, but they used to bake them fresh in each store. They haven't done that in ages, as they now ship them in from central bakeries.

            Luckily, we still have several independent donut shops in my area, some better than others, but all better than either DD's or KK.

          2. The original comment has been removed