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May 13, 2008 07:09 PM

San Francisco sourdough on LI?

Anyplace? Not just simple sourdough, but the SF strain--something with a good tang. I presume they'd have to refresh their starter from SF periodically, but boy do I love that stuff.

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  1. Great post!!!!!!!!!

    All I can say is order from Boudin's Bakery in SF online.

    I've only brought them home on the plane, and it was delish, but that's the best I can tell you.

    Any sourdough I've had from a local bakery was a very, very poor imitation.

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    1. re: JGS

      I've brought them back with me, too, but ordering is pretty expensive: about $29 for two 1-pound loaves, with shipping. I can understand that shipping would be expensive, but $7.50/loaf is quite a premium over what they charge in-store, from what I remember.

    2. Well, it's been a while since my original post... any takers? The inspiration for the repost was that after I picked up a sourdough baguette while buying cheese at the Village Cheese Shop (Mattituck) on Sunday. It was a good piece of bread, but it didn't have enough of that sour kick.

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      1. re: Scott_R

        Maybe Whole Foods would have the real stuff.

      2. I've been searching for a sourdough in NY that comes close to SF sourdough for decades. Unfortunately, I won't ever find a sourdough baked in NYC that will ever come close to those in SF. As noted in other sourdough postings on Chowhound, SF sourdough is a product of it's environment: SF's climate, humidity and native, natural yeasts in the air. You could bring a starter yeast from SF here to NYC and get a few good loaves to start, but after a couple of days, the NY weather and our own natural yeasts in the air will forever alter that SF starter yeast and the subsequent loaves won't ever be as sour or crusty. Just one more good reason for me to keep going back to SF!

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        1. re: kumachan

          Actually, I believe I wrote precisely that in my original post.