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May 13, 2008 07:03 PM

Blue Hill at Stone Barns CAFE prices

Repost (sorry)--can someone advise what food choices and pricing the Blue Hill Cafe has (not the regular restaurant)? I heard even the cafe is expensive but am not sure what that really means. Thanks so much!

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  1. It's very casual with limited seating and no table service. I can't remember specific prices, but I don't think sandwiches are more than $10. Maybe someone else can help out who's been more recently.

    1. Sandwiches are between $7 - $10, salad bar I believe is $12.95 per pound, but it's worth every penny. The egg salad on the salad bar is phenomenal, I took a cooking class at SB one morning and saw how they made it, the secret ingredient - creme freche, should have known. When my DH and I have lunch there, it runs around $20.00. Anyway, compared to the restaurant, the cafe is a bargain!

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      1. re: owlwoman

        i agree the cafe is great..picnic tables outside as well sandwiches, salads, baked dessert/cakes/ etc

        1. re: owlwoman

          I agree....the cafe prices are very reasonable and you get great food.

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            I LOOOVE the egg salad there! Would you mind sharing the recipe with a fellow BHSB fan?

          2. They started charing $5 for parking now- bummer! I used to go at least once a week with friends and our kids. To me, it's with the $5 if you are planning to tour the grounds and see some of the animals, but when I'm just stopping in for 45 minutes to have lunch at the cafe, it irks me to pay $5 to park. You can buy a membership for $75, but that also seems like a lot to me for what you get.

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                Wow do they charge $5 even if you want to go to the farmers market? That's what, the cost of a pound of veggies.

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                  >>They started charing $5 for parking now


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                    That would completely turn me off going to the farmer's market (prices of which are already "up there")

                2. I believe if you purchase something, they validate so you don't have to pay the $5.

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                    1. re: dolores

                      they have done this practice in the pay 5 is no big deal, the place has to be maintained, people have to be paid, etc etc... its a little cost to pay for the enhoyment of using this private facility

                      1. re: intrepid

                        Don't their high prices for a little bit of food cover it?

                    2. re: owlwoman

                      I remember that too. We purchased something in the gift shop, a small item, and they validated our ticket. It may also work if you purchase something in the cafe, but I am not sure about that.

                      1. re: michele cindy

                        If they are validating with cafe and/or farmer's market purchases, I have no problem with the $5 fee. These days, folks are looking for affordable outings and time at Stone Barns with your kids wandering about looking at critters is a nice outing. But they do have to pay the operating costs here, so $5 for parking seems fair if you're not there to buy other things.

                    3. Agree food is great for what it only issue is the biodegradable cutlery--it has horrible mouth feel and ruins the place for me. Aramark, the food service giant, is using the same crap at my place of work, and I can't stand it there either.