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May 13, 2008 06:56 PM

B-day Dinner in Vegas I want Lobster!!

Help!! My birthday is on Friday and we have reservations at The Palm at Caesars. Well I looked at reviews and it has not been good. Does anyone has a updated review or another suggestion? I really want Lobster and my guest wants a good piece of meat. Please Help the Birthday girl...

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  1. You can't miss at the Outback Steakhouse on the Strip across from the Mirage and right down the street from Margaritaville. For around $40 you'll get an incredible lobster dinner and he can have a great steak. Its reasonable because they're competing with all the hotels that are right there.

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    1. re: Roxanne8853

      That was funny. Was that a joke on The Palm Restaurant? If so I get it.I am still open to suggestions.

    2. lobster pot pie at michael mina, bellagio

      rosewood grille, south strip non-hotel

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          I always hear about the lobster pie, but it does't sound appealing to me. There's something about the purity of lobster that I like. What makes the pie good?

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            its very far from eating a lobster on a bench near the ocean in maine, but nevertheless, its a dish that i've had a few times and won't ever forget. same for the tuna with foie grois.

      1. I've always had good meals at the Palm, but some notable lobster/steak houses include:

        -- Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak, and Stone Crab
        -- Kokomo's, in the Mirage
        -- Capital Grille
        -- Smith and Wollensky
        -- Morton's

        But I'd stick with the Palm.

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          I am leaving for Vegas on Friday for my 1 year anniversary and I found Domenico's at the Venetian. Great reviews, an Emeril restaurant. Also, I have been to the original Palm in NYC and it was good, but I have had MUCH better lobster, steak and ambiance at other joints. Stay away from chains--you can get Cap Grille, Smith and Woll, Mortons and eek Outback anywhere. I would go w/ somewhere that's an original and you can only have in Vegas--much more memorable!!! Have fun! See you there! Hah!

          1. re: amiright15

            I guess we can all agree to disagree ;-) !!!

            I love the Capital Grill in LV yet I find the NYC outpost to be most disappointing. Go figure! And as far as Delmonico's is concerned, my biggest disappointment of the last 2 years in LV. And I will also say that even though Delmonico's in its purest form is not a chain...But how many restaurants does Emeril have his name on?

        2. Thanks everyone. My Husband changed our reservations. The reason I asked my fellow foodies was because I like to stay away from the chains if were spending our hard earned money. We usually go to Joe's Seafood Prime Steak and Stone Crab but wanted a change. Were going to Bouchon's and get the Grand Plateau- all my fav's from the sea!!

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            For future reference, the Palm is the real deal. Bouchon's good. If not Yountville good. And while there are sibling eateries in various spots around the country, S&W, the Palm and the like are decidedly not chains. Outhouse is decidedly a chain, and an abyssmally bad one at that.

            As charicatured as it might sound, Mina's lobster pot pie indeed rocks.

          2. Grew up out east where lobster was king and if you knew where to go you didn't have to fork over your first born child. With that being said I have lived here for 17 years and the only place I go when I want lobster is the Palm (and yes I gladly hand over my first born for it -- metaphoically of course) . THe lobster pot pie at Mina is great but its not lobster in its purist form which is what I want when I crave lobster.