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May 13, 2008 06:32 PM

[HOU] Le Mistral - quick report

i was surprised that there are no reviews on le mistral, so i'm posting this one that i wrote some time back. this is my favorite french restaurant in houston, my only complaint is that it is so far away! who knew there were restaurants of this caliber in west houston?

escargot, lobster bisque, fois gras terrine are all good as expected. the ribeye and seared chilean sea bass is delicious bite after bite. but the star of the menu is the beef wellington served in a morel sauce. the morels are definitely present. the puff pastry and duxelle perfectly buttery. the beef is tender and cooked to perfection. this is now one of my top 10 dishes in houston.

in general, the prices seem a tad bit high for the location (strip mall in west houston) and ambiance (which is a little lacking), but the $32 for the wellington was worth every penny. on a sunday night, service was slow and not as attentive as we would have liked, but we were a table of 7 and 20% gratuity was included on the bill which may explain the lack of the servers’ attention.

months later, i still daydream about their beef wellington, even to a point that i decided to attempt to cook it myself for a dinner party. of course, it was not as good as the previously mentioned version, but i definitely appreciate all the prep and work that goes into making the dish now. i'll let le mistral handle it from now on.

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  1. le mistral also has an excellent wine list!

    1. I am planning to go for my annual birthday treat with my friend. I don't see Beef Wellington on the menu though. I find that menus online often aren't the same as what you see when you get there, but has anyone been there recently?