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May 13, 2008 06:28 PM

Central Mass. Near Pike

Looking for a restaurant for lunch near the Mass. Pike in Central Mass. I am meeting relatives from several locations and the ideal location is near exits 10, 10A, 11 or 11A on I-90. Looking for good food, nice ambiance, and easy access. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. Take 10a(495 exit) go North to route 9 west exit. 2 miles on your right is the Chateau
    (Italian Family Dining) I grew up eating at the one in Waltham.... I went on Saturday
    night. The MIL still can believe how good it was. Get the Italian platter, Veal,Sausage, Meatball in a bed of Penne.

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    1. re: brucekc

      I'm sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree on all accounts here. Firstly, this would be a pretty significant detour off the Pike. Second, in my experience the Chateau has delivered the most mediocre Italian experience I've had. I can see that it may have nostalgia as your childhood red sauce place...but I found the food and atmosphere cheesy and mediocre at best. Unfortunately, there are not many choices in the OP's requested areas...maybe something near the Auburn Mall?

    2. I would suggest getting off the pike in Sturbridge MA at the I-84 connection. Sturbridge has some great selections. There is Cedar Street Restaurant,
      Kiazen Sushi Bar and Grill
      and of course the Whistling Swan
      and the Publick House

      All the above are great choices. Take a look at the websites menu;s and I am sure you will be pleased with one

      1. Your best options for the area you are interested in, would be to take 290 into Worcester. There's several options on Shrewsbury Street, and it's an easy on/off of the highway and it's only five minutes North of the Pike.

        A search of CH for "shrewsbury street" within the last year will bring up a bunch of threads and recs.

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        1. re: steve999

          That's a great suggestion.....I always forget how close Worcester really is from the Pike!

          Via is a very nice/fun Italian place (closer to I-290 end of Shrewsbury St, too).

          1. re: Science Chick

            I third Shrewsbury Street. It's about 7 minutes off the Pike.

        2. Another option is take the I495 exit (I believe its actually 11-A) north to route 9, then take route 9 EAST and go to Tomaso's. Its a little pricey, but very good food, and a nice if noisy environment.

          The Shrewsbury street ideas are good too. If Italian is not your thing, you could go to the One 11 Chophouse, for a great steak.

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          1. re: ChinaCat

            111 Chophouse is not open for lunch....but there are alot of nice options on Shrewsbury Street.

            1. re: RandyL

              They're actually opening early all weekend due to graduations.

              1. re: invinotheresverde

                Wow! Did not know that - I stand corrected.....I always wondered why they don't open for lunch - but I suspect it may be due to the parking situation down there....

          2. You've had some great suggestions--except the 111 chophouse, which is not much better than okay and way way overpriced. Worcester has some great eats, but Kaizen in Sturbridge...ate there on Thursday for our anniversary, and I nearly swooned. I am a big fan of crab, and the crab and avocado salad was the best I ever had. Priced reasonably and big enough to make a complete lunch. Also had the spider maki, and it, too, was terrific. My husband had a sirloin, which was just a tad more medium than medium rare, but tasty and tender. Even the miso soup is awesome. Go to Kaizen. Give your tastebuds a treat.