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May 13, 2008 06:27 PM

Any Bacanora fans out there?

I was in Hermosillo a week ago and brought back a couple bottles of Bacanora.A "Sonora de Bacanora" young Bacanora that is very nice.The other is a "300 Anos" reposado.This has a smokiness like a mezcal but the agave quality is completely different.

For those unaware, Bacanora is an agave spirit made in Sonora, Mexico using local agave plants, different from those used in the tequila region, agave azul, and the varieties of agave used in the mezcal producing states of Mexico. I also have Sotol, from Chihuahua, but I'm liking this Bacanora even better.Anybody else have some Bacanora in their arsenal?

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  1. I've been reading about bacanora in 2666, Roberto Bolano's epic posthumous novel "about" the Juarez murders. I am dying to try it. Is there anywhere in DC or Baltimore that carries it?

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    1. re: laugh riot

      Laugh Riot!! Wow, thought there wasn't anyone out there. It's not available in th States yet, and relatively unknown even in Mexico.In Sonora it's famous, or infamous.

      Bacanora is beautiful, well the 300 Anos reposado is anyway.It's a hit with everyone that has tried it, and a good friend of mine has asked that I keep him stocked on my frequent Tijuana runs.

      I would say you'd have to make it to Sonora, or Tijuana, Sonora would be closer to for you.

      1. re: streetgourmetla

        Unfortunately the chances of me making it to Sonora are about .01% given my geographic location and the drug wars going on down there. I might try to get a group of people together to order a case from hacienda los magueyes, but it might be impossible to get it shipped to the States. Any chance you could drop a bottle in the mail?

        1. re: laugh riot

          Oh, don't worry about drug wars.Hype, I go all the time, no worries.Shoot me an e-mail, on my blog in my profile.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I have the clear Bacanora unfilter with black specks floating around and Bacanora cielo rojo
        And also 300 aƱos reposado.