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May 13, 2008 06:27 PM

Cheesecake Factory and Bridgewater?

Has anyone heard of a Cheesecake Factory coming to Bridgewater, NJ? How about a Whole Foods?

I heard there was a CF going in the new food court at the mall but then someone said it's not going there it's going somewhere else in Bridgewater. I also heard a Whole Foods was being built on 202 near Milltown Road.

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  1. I've heard the rumors of a CF at Bridgewater Commons for a while, but their page shows no new locations coming soon (the page mentions a 2 month time frame) and I'm hearing rumors that they've pulled out. On the other hand, *something* is being built in there, it seems. There's also supposed to be a Shrimp Market, which is a fast-casual featuring shrimp. Their website *does* list the mall as coming soon, but all their locations are listed as "coming soon". Guess it's a new chain.

    The rumors I've been hearing about Whole Foods was that it was coming to the old Pathmark site in downtown Somerville, which would be an intriguing location. That whole shopping center redevelopment has been in and out of the courts for years now, though, so who knows. I'd settle for a Whole Foods that wasn't 45 minutes away. Near 202 would be interesting - it would make it an obvious direct competitor with Wegmans. Of course, everything I've heard has been hearsay - wishful thinking, maybe? No one has had anything like a good source, or even any source. This area is a logical location for a WF, though.

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      It's going to be forever till anything gets settled over the Somerville Pathmark site, but there are other locations along 202 and 22 that may be open... what's happening with the former Frank's Garden Center? At least IHOP opened, though at the loss of Alishaan, a very good Indian restaurant.
      What the area could really use is a Trader Joe's closer than Westfield! Would be even better in Hunterdon --- like where the long-vacated Clinton ShopRite was on Rt. 31

      1. re: realhound

        A lot of people put down IHOP but over the years I've discovered that the food, service, etc. at this chain is highly dependent on location. I have not tried the new IHOP on Route 202 but will make a point of doing so. I've been told that the owners are the same folks who owned Alishaan. Is that weird or what?

        Depending on where you live in Hunterdon, you may find it more convenient to visit the Trader Joe's in Florham Park. For me, it's a much easier drive than the one to Westfield, plus I can stop at the Wine Library in Springfield on the way home!

        1. re: ambrose

          Don't bother with the new 202 IHOP yet, give them some time to get the kitchen and management straight. We went, and it was NOT a good experience. We had a manager that lost our name on the list for tables, a kitchen that couldn't get well-done bacon right (even after *3* tries it came out floppy) and the same manager from before who didn't seem to care that we'd had issues. On the plus side, our waiter did a yeoman's job of checking on us and trying to get our food out to us quickly and correctly. The space is large and well lit. An assistant manager (who was all of 18 and promoted about a week and a half into his server training) was very nice and helpful. I'm sure once the crowds shrink and the kitchen gets used to working together it'll be fine.

          1. re: booksherpa

            Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to be in Somerville early this Tuesday and was thinking of trying IHOP. Maybe next time!

            Where else can you get a decent breakfast in that area? I often have lunch in Somerville but rarely breakfast.

            1. re: ambrose

              It's hard. My Saturday morning tradition is the Time To Eat diner on the Somerville Circle, but that's more about familiarity then quality. There's not really a good breakfast place right in Somerville - it's all about the diners. If you can head about15 minutes down Route 206S, there's a place called Culinary Creations in a strip mall in Hillsborough. They do a pretty nice breakfast, and their specials are on the creative side.

              1. re: booksherpa

                *Time To Eat diner on the Somerville Circle, but that's more about familiarity then quality*

                Couldn't agree more. We continue to wonder why it's so packed. Perhaps it is some combination of loyalty and familiarity. That said, we do often have breakfast in the greasy spoon coffee shop in Bernardsville for the same reasons, so . . .

                1. re: mmgpsych

                  Heh. :) Time To Eat, for me, is the neighborhood place. The food isn't necessarily prepared the same from time to time, but it's the place where I can walk in and the waitress says "Hi there! The usual?" There's something very appealing about that.

                  (The usual being a waffle, 3 eggs poached, and bacon made as crispy as humanly possible while remaining edible)

    2. I recently visited my Optometrist, who is in the Bridgewater Mall. He told me that CF will indeed be built at the Mall, but it won't be in the food court.