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May 13, 2008 05:57 PM

Bridal Shower Menu Suggestions

I'm hosting a bridal shower in June. It will be held on a Sunday afternoon from 2-5. There will be 15ish guests, all women (and a few girls). I'm a bit perplexed about what to serve. Normally at that time of day I'd do a "tea" with scones, little sandwiches, treats, etc. but I feel like that has played out (I've hosted at least two teas that most of these guests have attended).

So far I'm thinking about doing a few substantial salads (a green one, a grain one, a pasta once, another specific veggie), great bread and a variety of cheese, fruit and two kinds of cupcakes for dessert.

Does anyone have any menu suggestions to make this make sense and be a special event? A big note is that my household is vegetarian (fish like salmon and tuna are okay, as is all dairy and eggs) though the guest of honor is not.

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  1. I would definitely do a cheese tray - soft, hard, bleu, etc.

    I would also do a veggie tray but not all raw - I would make a nice veggie tray with steamed asparagus, endive with walnut/apple slaw, marinated mushroom caps - that kind of thing

    How about some skewered meats - like satays

    Or buy a Chinese barbecue duck and serve with chive crepes & hoisin sauce & fanned green onions


    There are so many finger foods and hors d'ouevres, have fun!

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    1. re: sarah galvin

      I love the veggie and cheese tray ideas. I have access to a lot of great veggies and a fabulous cheese store, and will definitely use them.

      I should have mentioned that because the shower is at my house, it has to follow our dietary guidelines (vegetarian with some fish okay) but be friendly to those who are omnivorous.

    2. What about doing a couple of quiches or savoury tarts? An asparagus one might be nice for spring. With some cheeses, salads and fruit you should have enough to appeal to every one and it can all be vegetarian.

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      1. re: ms. clicquot

        I wold going to suggest quiche as well. Two or three different kinds of quiche would definitely go well with the menu the O.P. is already planning, and would provide a more substantive "center" to the meal.

        1. re: DanaB

          Or as an alternative to quiche, I've done a frittata for a shower, and it was well received. You could even do mini-frittatas. That would go very nicely with a green salad.

        2. re: ms. clicquot

          Quiches always seem to be a staple in bridal showers. Not sure why, but they are delicious, easy to make, and most people like them. Also, to spice up the salad (especially if the bride is not a vegetarian, and everyone else eats some fish), you could try making a salmon salad. There are quite a few excellent recipies for this and it would add some variety.

        3. An appetizer that could mesh well with salads, tarts or perhaps an elegant soup would be lemon rosemary chicken skewers from epicurious. This got very high rankings, it's pretty and it's easy. I made it for a party and got rave reviews. And I think it would fit really well with some of your other ideas. Here's the link:

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          1. re: karykat

            I think she wanted to go veg...but you could do veg skewers marinated in lemon/garlic/olive oil. I was thinking a mushroom salad that showcased a variety of mushrooms.

          2. You could go in a more Mediterranean direction, such as cheese-and-spinach phyllo triangles. For a vegetable salad, one of my favorites is Israeli salad, which is bascially finely diced cucumbers, tomatoes and onions, tossed with lemon juice, salt, pepper, and maybe some minced herbs such as parsley, mint, or dill.

            1. I forgot to mention that in some cookbooks I've seen recipes that call for strips of eggplant or zucchini rolled with a ricotta filling, topped with tomato sauce and cheese, and baked. It seems like a relatively easy and elegant vegetarian dish.