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May 13, 2008 05:24 PM

Seafood near Pier 56

I'm taking my visiting parents on an Argosy cruise and want to book dinner afterwards. We will be near Pier 56/57. Any recommendations for best food? Could care less about a view. I have read about Elliott's and the location is good but no-one likes Oysters. Are really looking for crab/salmon. Any recommendations welcome!!

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  1. I like Ivar's and The Crab Pot when I am in that area.

    1. Etta's is up the hill at the north end of the market. Anthony's at Pier 66 is reliable as well.

      1. Elliott's has quite a large menu with many options beside oysters. I've taken my parents there and they enjoyed it.

        On the higher end is the Waterfront Seafood Grill @ Pier 70 (owned by El Gaucho).

        1. The Waterfront Seafood Grill is right down there - excellent food (but on the expensive end of the spectrum, although well worth the cost). They have excellent king crab legs. I also really like Anthony's which is also right there. They do a nice Dungeness Crab and planked salmon.

          6/7 in the Edgewater hotel is good, but the decor is very strange.

          If you really want to live it up, take a cab to West Seattle and eat at Saltys - they do excellent crab and the view of the Seattle Skyline is killer.

          Don't go to Elliots - it's horrible unless you're going for oysters (for the record, the mignonette they make is to die for). Last time I went I had to send back my entree TWICE - first time because the special was not as described on the fresh sheet (no mention of the sugar glaze all over the planked salmon), the second time because the salmon they sub'ed for me was raw. Third time it was edible, but the whole experience took about an hour and by then everyone else had eaten. Also, the ladies room is worse than the public bathrooms at a beach park.

          1. Thanks for your help. We ended up at Elliotts just because it was where I could get a reservation. Luckily I did, because with the sun, the wait was 90 mins without one!

            I had the caesar salad and crab cakes (ok) and my mom had the spicy chowder (she proclaimed delicious and wanted another bowl!) and coconut prawns. My dad had the calamari (looked greasy to me) and a whole steamed crab. They gave him the whole experience with the bib and hand washing etc, so he was thrilled. Our waitress was Sigrid and she was adorable and super efficient. Overall it was a good experience to just walk off the Argosy cruise, up to the restaurant, admire the oysters and have a decent meal with great service.

            Will definitely try some of the other recommendations next time though!