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May 13, 2008 05:23 PM

What's good near Steiner Ranch?

I'll be staying with a cousin here during my time in Austin. I don't know anything about the layout of the city or anything but I'm willing to drive to get the good stuff. And by good stuff I mean barbecue, tex-mex, taco trailers, UCHI (does anyone want to come with me? They only do omakase for two people and there's jsut one of me. I'm seriously bummed about this). Whatever local food you recommend. I like inexpensive and authentic. Uchi will be my one splurge. Thanks!

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    1. Easy choice on tex-mex: Los Pinos. Go south on 620 to Hudson Bend Rd, go right almost a mile, and you'll see it on the right.

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        Pinos is indeed good, and a quick drive for you there (whereas everything, and I do mean everything, else is at least -hehem- 30 minutes). Again, if you really want to go to Uchi, the omakase is really kind of a crummy deal. Order of the main menu, using suggeestions in threads below, and you'll come away with a much better experience. I, again, say it's WAY too loud to have a good time, but that's just me.

        I HIGHLY recommend Cafe Blue in Volente.

          1. re: amysuehere

            15 miles is hardly "Near Steiner Ranch". I can get to Downtown faster. That being said, I'd like to try Cafe Blue - any recommended dishes?

            1. re: Bababooey

              yeah, my bad. I guess cuz when I'm out there it all feels "out there" to me.

              I haven't had a chance to go since they opened this year (bummer), but I plan on hitting it this weekend. The brunches last year were exceptional. I'll report back when I go.

      2. Hudson's on the Bend for upscale fare with a local flavor. Uchi is still better, but Hudson's is closer and (perhaps) more unique. While in Steiner, you can grab decent coffee and baked goods at Delicato Cafe. The other food options inside of Steiner are subpar for food. Fion is a wine and beer bar that is pretty good and has a nice atmosphere. Los Pinos is a great call for Tex Mex. Further down the road in Lakeway there is Ciola's italian, which is above average for the area. Rocco's has a nice patio, but the food is mediocre. In october a new steakhouse will be open inside Steiner, depending on when you're here it could be an option. It is called Steiner Steakhouse (!) and appears to be independent...

        Good luck, have fun!