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Best Place to Sit at Bar for Dinner in Century City Area?

It's my husband's birthday, but we really hate sitting down to full meals at a table. Strongly prefer sitting at the bar & having a couple of appetizers and splitting an entree. Staying at the Hyatt, anything within 5 miles or so fine. Also, please suggest where there is a liklihood of getting 2 seats at the bar around 8pm Friday night.

Looking for something along the lines of Cut or similar. In Orange County, we enjoy this at Bayside, Bungalow, Gulfstream; in Oahu, Alan Wong's, 3660, etc. to give you an idea of what he likes.

BTW, this plan often works great - couldn't get a resv at a couple of restaurants in Aspen we wanted to dine at, but had no problem and little to no wait getting seats at their bars, where it's often much more fun anyway! (Fingers crossed this doesn't get flak from those who feel bars are for drinking only...)

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  1. I think Craft has a bar.....that might work.

      1. Just for the record, you do know that there is a Gulfstream in Century City.

        1. Mako is about 5 minutes away and excellent.

            1. Craft is getting so many mixed reviews and the food may be just a little out there for him. Looking for some good app's & a great piece of fish or steak, so if I'm off base on it not being right, please tell me... On the other hand, Gulfstream is the same old, but thanks for the info. Will go check out Mako's menu...

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                With all due respect, I think you're off base on rejecting Craft. You can put together a meal ranging from quite simple to much more challenging. I'd highly recommend it. Their bar would be perfect for what you're looking for. Plus, it's walking distance from your hotel.

              2. Try Fraiche in Culver City - great bar, but a little small, but I believe the full menu is available.

                I assume you mean the Hyatt in Century City and that hotel has a good restaurant you might try one night, Breeze.

                Also try Beverly hills, right next to you, Crustacean has a nice bar, as does all of the Beverly Hills hotels in the area, the hilton , the regency and the hotel bel air. All are very nice.

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                  agree with fraiche. but the whole menu is not available. they have a special bar menu...but i think the bar menu is better. steak, cheese fondue, moules frites, etc.

                2. Craft offers the full menu at the bar, which I've done there a couple of times (though I prefer the full pampering of the tables).

                  1. I take it you have been to the bar at Cut, (Sidebar) from your comment above? If not that would be a great option. I don't know if the brand new Beverly Hills steakhouse, Wolfgang's would be an option or not, but it would probably be worth checking into.

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                      I was thinking about that, but the Sidebar menu seemed rather limited. Can you order from the regular menu there?

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                        As long as you sit directly at the bar, rather than at one of the tables in the bar area, the rule has always been that you have access to the entire Cut menu.

                    2. Carmine's II. If you go early on a weeknight you should have no problem getting a seat at the bar.

                      1. If you like Cut, try Wolfgang's Steakhouse (proprietor is former head waiter at legendary Peter Luger steakhouse in NY) on Canon in Beverly Hills. Steak is amazing. Have a couple of salads, split a porterhouse, and finish with real NY cheesecake with schlag (real semi-whipped cream, great).

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                        1. Well, flog me repeatedly for questioning Chowhounder's suggestions...

                          Strolled across the street to Craft at about 8:15, found 2 seats at the bar, which cleared out pretty quickly anyway as people were seated. The outside patio was open and it was lovely too. Only complaint are the wine prices - obvious 300% mark-ups, but oh well... DH loves Frank Family Chard, so at $75 it was ours. Had the soft shell crab with green garlic, which was awesome!! Hard to tell how many crabs as they were cut up, but that was a very generous dish. Then the Heirloom tomatoes stuffed with burrata and other goodies. These, too, were delicious, but I think would have been much better cold, as a caprese than au gratin. Split the NY strip steak - not super tender, but the taste was wonderful, the juices to die for and I got the big hunk of marrow all to myself. :)

                          Definitely want to get back & try the mixed mushrooms and foie gras with rhubarb with someone who will share those with me.

                          Meal ended with a complimentary lovely little passion fruit pate' and something else and we were gifted with muffins to take home for breakfast.

                          Our bartender, Vanessa, was absolutely charming and we had a blast chatting away with her most of the evening once the bar slowed down.

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                            Ain't that amazing, a hifalutin place that's actually good?

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                              Amazingly exciting... especially after my last meal at Spago.