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Best Place to Sit at Bar for Dinner in Century City Area?

It's my husband's birthday, but we really hate sitting down to full meals at a table. Strongly prefer sitting at the bar & having a couple of appetizers and splitting an entree. Staying at the Hyatt, anything within 5 miles or so fine. Also, please suggest where there is a liklihood of getting 2 seats at the bar around 8pm Friday night.

Looking for something along the lines of Cut or similar. In Orange County, we enjoy this at Bayside, Bungalow, Gulfstream; in Oahu, Alan Wong's, 3660, etc. to give you an idea of what he likes.

BTW, this plan often works great - couldn't get a resv at a couple of restaurants in Aspen we wanted to dine at, but had no problem and little to no wait getting seats at their bars, where it's often much more fun anyway! (Fingers crossed this doesn't get flak from those who feel bars are for drinking only...)

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  1. I think Craft has a bar.....that might work.

      1. Just for the record, you do know that there is a Gulfstream in Century City.

        1. Mako is about 5 minutes away and excellent.