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May 13, 2008 04:56 PM

Park City, UT - summer 2fers are on!

I know that someone was looking for possible suggestions for dining in Park City this summer. I wanted to let folks know that the summer "2 for 1" offers have started. They happen in many of our local restaurants. Pick up a copy of our local newspaper, The Park Record, when you get into town. It comes out on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but you can find one any day of the week at the newstands. All of the offers will be in there. What is nice about this is that the range of restaurants run the gamut from cheap diner to fine dining. AND, some of the places will advertise a "locals special" dinner, where you'll have to ask at the restaurant for it (no listed on the menu).

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  1. What are the typical fine dining restaurants that offer this?

    We often like to come upto Park Cty in the summer to try the restaurants. In terms of 2-for-1 offers I only know of Prime steakhouse (which we took advantage of and was excellent).

    I realise certain restaurants may only run their offers sporadically, but which of the higher end places actually offer them?


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    1. re: gringo_stu

      It seems to vary, possibly by somewhat complex economic equations. Have I ever seen a coupon for Adolphs or Chez Betty, no. But the Grappa, Chimayo, etc group, in years past, have been fairly heavy discounters.


      1. re: furflys

        I was out of town this week, so I didn't see the Park Record. But, I know that Prime is doing the 2fer again. I believe The Glitretind at Stein Eriksen Lodge had some kind of deal going on. Easy Street has a local's menu going on. The Blind Dog has a different weeknight special each night - I'd call to ask what it is before heading up. The Riverhorse usually has a "$$ off your total bill" deal going. The best thing I can offer is that you call the restaurant you think you want to go to and ask if they have any specials going on. It does change weekly.

        1. re: scabbardgirl

          OKI. I looked in Saturday's Park Record anf found:
          Glitretind - 2 for 1 dinner or lunch
          Grappa - 2 for 1
          Ghidotti - 2 for 1
          Mustang - $25 off
          Blind Dog - 1/2 price on certain entrees each night
          Grubsteak - 31% off all dinner entrees
          Jean-Louis - 20% off and some specials
          Wahso - new lower priced summer menu
          Bangkok Thai - 2 for 1
          Yuki Arashi - $21.95 5 course local's menu
          Shabu - $20 off with purchase of 2 entrees
          Riverhorse - $25 dining certificate

          Most require the coupon that is in the Park Record, so be sure to stop somewhere and pick one up!

          1. re: scabbardgirl

            Thanks for the list, very interesting! I guess next time we head up to Park City for the weekend we will just have to grab the Park Record and see what specials there are.