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May 13, 2008 04:47 PM

Resto? Prune? Thor?

A foodie friend of mine recommended these places for reliably good dinner and drink - can anyone second these?

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  1. 1 resto/prune-both great
    2.thor-loud and trying too hard to combine trend and high level food.. they don't succeed

    1. I went to Thor when it first opened. Cool vibe, food wasn't great.

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      1. re: 10yrresident

        I went to Resto for brunch today and was disappointed. My table ordered the egg white frittata and the dutch baby with a side of bacon. The pancake came in a burning hot skillet but was lukewarm. The bacon, while delicious, was something like $8 for 2 tiny slices. The price points were very high and the service was just plain strange. Our waiter was distracted and a bit pushy.

        He said things like "Order the mineral water, it makes life a lot easier for me." Huh? I won't be returning any time soon.

        1. re: jessierandall

          im surprised i didnt see you...we ordered similar things today as well.

          as for my experience, i previously went to brunch at resto and hated it but tried it again. the lack of a wait made it a good idea. i had the dutch baby which was light and warm for me despite the hot skillet. my date had the french toast which was delicious too.

          i thought the bacon was overpriced but delicious. i left happy with my meal. service was solid.

          1. re: sam1

            Sam, we were probably sitting near you. I saw a dutch baby and french toast going by! (I have a bad habit of paying attention to what other people have ordered.)

            I'm glad your experience was better than ours. It wasn't horrible, just no better than mediocre. Perhaps we will give it another shot.

      2. There are a lot of people who weren't too thrilled by Resto, me included.

        Prune -- I like it better for brunch as opposed to dinner. But it seems that it's a favorite of hounds on this board. I'm just not a big fan of a lot of things Hamilton tends to like -- eg. olives which was on pretty much everything we ordered last time we were there for dinner. And I'm not crazy about her way of prepping greens -- limp, soggy, to the point it turns greenish-black. But I do like a few of her dishes -- eg. sweetbreads, marrow bones. Problem is that the menu can be limited. Hamilton seems to be a fan of acid -- so if you're not into a lot of sour tastes, Prune is probably not for you.

        I've never been to Thor so I don't have an opinion about that.

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