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May 13, 2008 04:39 PM


I just moved up from Philly, is there anywhere to find a solid cheesteak on this island? Cause I've been pretty disappointed thus far.

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    1. I don't eat them but my husband is from Philly and he gets them from a place called Wogie's . says they are really good for ones in ny

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        1. re: psawce

          Carl's is pretty good....but in reality, go home for cheesesteaks, for everything else, stay here...

          1. re: Cpalms

            Second that. Carl's in Murray Hill is the best I've found here. But, it's not even close to Pat's/Geno's let alone Dalessandro's (when it's good) or Steve's.

      1. yeah i too am a big will be pretty disappointed with answers you will get....
        as there are not a lof of choices. I too think 99 miles from Philly is pretty good. It will def get rid of your just wont be like pats, gino's or the place in redding terminal when you walk in the door (my favorite of all).

        Havent tried Woogies but it sounds like i must

        good luck and let us know if you find a good one wit wizzzzzz

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        1. re: namreb

          Very disappointed. The meat was underseasoned and there was not enough of it. Good mozarella "sticks" I'll give 'em that!

          (So far, Hope and Anchor in Red Hook is still the best Cheesesteak in NYC.)

          99 Miles to Philly
          94 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003

        2. I had a really yummy cheesesteak at Fetch this wknd. They ship the bread from Philly everyday. I also like their cheesesteak eggroll appetizer.

          1. Some of the carts are rather impressive and I'm from Philly and have spent many of night at 9th and Passyunk.

            There is a cart right outside my office at 44 Wall St. that could easily rival the steaks in Philly.

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              1. re: jb44

                It's the Times Square of the Philly Cheesesteak. Ironically the streets are laid out the same at TS too. All roads in South Philly lead to it ... N, E, S, W and diagnol. Home of Pats and Genos steaks. Me ... I'll take Pat's any day of the week.