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I just moved up from Philly, is there anywhere to find a solid cheesteak on this island? Cause I've been pretty disappointed thus far.

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    1. I don't eat them but my husband is from Philly and he gets them from a place called Wogie's . says they are really good for ones in ny

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          Carl's is pretty good....but in reality, go home for cheesesteaks, for everything else, stay here...

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            Second that. Carl's in Murray Hill is the best I've found here. But, it's not even close to Pat's/Geno's let alone Dalessandro's (when it's good) or Steve's.

      1. yeah i too am a big fan...you will be pretty disappointed with answers you will get....
        as there are not a lof of choices. I too think 99 miles from Philly is pretty good. It will def get rid of your craving....it just wont be like pats, gino's or the place in redding terminal when you walk in the door (my favorite of all).

        Havent tried Woogies but it sounds like i must

        good luck and let us know if you find a good one wit wizzzzzz

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          Very disappointed. The meat was underseasoned and there was not enough of it. Good mozarella "sticks" I'll give 'em that!

          (So far, Hope and Anchor in Red Hook is still the best Cheesesteak in NYC.)

          99 Miles to Philly
          94 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003

        2. I had a really yummy cheesesteak at Fetch this wknd. They ship the bread from Philly everyday. I also like their cheesesteak eggroll appetizer.

          1. Some of the carts are rather impressive and I'm from Philly and have spent many of night at 9th and Passyunk.

            There is a cart right outside my office at 44 Wall St. that could easily rival the steaks in Philly.

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                It's the Times Square of the Philly Cheesesteak. Ironically the streets are laid out the same at TS too. All roads in South Philly lead to it ... N, E, S, W and diagnol. Home of Pats and Genos steaks. Me ... I'll take Pat's any day of the week.

            1. There is a place on w 3rd street between 6th ave and mcdougal. It's tiny, and all they sell is cheesesteaks and cupcakes. (I think they are actually separate businesses, just sharing one tiny store front).
              Be warned in that it looks different from a philly cheesesteak. It's served on a round roll, more like a burger. Tastes good though.
              BTW, I don't mean to piss anyone off, but I've generally found the cheesesteaks I've had to be pretty indistinguishable in terms of quality. Granted, I have only had cheesesteaks one or two times outside the great city of Phildelphia (it's the kind of food that I feel the need to eat whenever I visit Philly, but don't feel the need to eat anywhere else). So it could just be that I have only eaten at the best cheesesteak places. And I'm sure there are some random pizzerias or diners around NYC that make a mediocre cheesesteak. But how bad can it be? It's steak, cheese, and bread?

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                "It's steak, cheese, and bread?"

                Not by a longshot. You'd think it would really be that way in this day and age, but I have yet to have a better cheesesteak than Tony Lukes in Philly. Biased from Philly ... maybe, but I know the difference between Brooklyn/Brox best Pizza and Philly's best Pizza, Brooklyn/Bronx takes Philly's best by a mile and a half.

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                  The place on w. 3rd is BB Sandwich Bar. They make a tasty sandwich, but not, according to my trusted advisors on Phillidelphian cuisine, an authentic one (not just because of the round roll).

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                    BB Sandwich Bar is the furthest thing from a Philly Cheesesteak on the entire planet. What a joke.

                2. definitely wogie's. the owners are from philly and, if you're like me, you'll be happy they have the hot and sweet peppers on the side. place is totally packed in the fall for the eagles games.

                  1. I'm from Philly and haven't found anything. Haven't tried Wogies, but Carl's is mediocre. the sandwich tastes pretty good - but its not a Philly cheese steak. I have often asked myself, why can I get great Thai, Peruvian, French food - but not a decent cheese steak outside of Pa and NJ??? I think you really need the right cut of meat sliced the right way. Otherwise it is just a hot roast beef sub.

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                      Can you post on the Tristate Area Board any NJ places (near NYC) for a great cheesesteak?

                    2. fascinating... there's a semi-secret tortilla bakery in brooklyn? do they supply the entire city's tortillas?

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                        Yes they do. I believe there are actually 3 somewhat close together. There was an article about a feud between a few of them (Tortilla Wars or something like that.)
                        Yeah they supply most all of the city. That is why all the tortillas you get in restaurants are chewy and tender and semi elastic and why the El Passo ones at the super market are thick and nasty. Believe me if i ever find the location of the Tortilla Triangle I'm gonna stock up.

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                          hey dwaves, i wasn't able to find a reference to the tortilla wars you were talking about (just came up with this:


                          but i did find out this interesting chowhound digest item about a tortilla factory in brooklyn:


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                            Be careful...a friend of mine went in search of the Tortilla Triangle and vanished. When he finally reappeared a few years later, he had some crazy story about pressing a button on an Island.

                            Seriously, though, I, too, find this talk of New York tortilla makers fascinating! I also prefer Carl's to Wogie's for cheese steaks.

                            1. re: a_and_w

                              Haha, I suppose us intrepid food explorers have to take calculated risks.

                              Carl's is pretty tasty but I don't know that it compares to a Philly cheesesteak. If you get the hankering, hope on a bus and head to Philly.

                          2. re: dwaves

                            Hmmm. I wonder if that's true. There are about a dozen or more tortillerias around the Queens/Brooklyn area.

                          1. wogie's is def the best. they get the bread daily from the ame place that does the best philly places...they know their steaks!
                            wit wiz!

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                              I can cosign on Woggies. The dudes are from Conshy, steaks are good, wings are pretty decent, definitely comes close to the Philly experience. There was also a Tony Lukes outpost on 9th ave near the Lincoln tunnel for a while its now a different name but same owner and they get Amarosos and other goods delivered up from philly. I can’t speak for the steak because Ive only ordered the Roast Pork Italian which was on par with philly.

                              Carls and 99 miles are on the same level in my opinion

                              Im a Pats fan as well, but also like Dalesandros and some of the smaller spots like Chubbys in Roxborough

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                                Pat's is best I;ve had,,,, I settle for Carl's in NYC, havn't found anything better here. 99 miles wasnt as good

                            2. carl's or Philly's (on houston)

                              1. I've been reborn.....or at least that i how i felt after one bite of Carl's (the works) sammy!
                                That is as close as it get's to PHILLY! I have been going to 99 miles for awhile now....
                                NO COMPARISON...The flavor was great, just the right amount of cheese too!

                                Now the only question I have....is what type of meat is the true essence of a PCS?
                                Ribeye or Sirloin?

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                                  I'm from Philly. A cheesesteak is traditionally made from ribeye (although I'm sure this could vary from place to place. some fancy places even use filet mignon.). The ribeye is chilled in the freezer (to make it easier to cut) and then sliced thin. The slices are fried on a grill with a little oil. Some places leave the meat as slices and some chop it up with a spatula. Fried onions are optional. The steak's served on a torpedo roll with either Cheese Whiz, provolone, or American cheese. Contrary to popular belief, Amoroso is not the official or best cheesesteak roll. Lots of fine cheesesteak places get their bread from other bakeries. A typical cheesesteak place might offer ketchup, sweet peppers, and hot cherry peppers on the side. The most common extra toppings are peppers and mushrooms. There is one place in Camden called Donkey's that serves a fantastic cheesesteak on a round roll. Other variations include pizza steaks (with mozzarella and sauce), cheesesteak hoagies (lettuce and tomato), chicken cheesesteaks, and on and on...

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                                    Carl's with onions, provolone and hot peppers is a pretty heavenly sandwich indeed. I'll have to check out the works the next time I'm there, but I'm not so crazy 'bout the wiz, though.

                                  2. Just a recommendation - when ordering at Carls go with the double cheese - it won't ever be pats - but the double wiz with at carls is the closest you'll get to Passyunk (or south street for you Tony Luke's fans)

                                    Carl's is way cheap on the cheese which really screws up the cheese/meat/bread ratio which is the cornerstone of a good cheesesteak. Most people I know that don't like Carl's have only been once and didn't get extra cheese.

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                                      Carl's is tops in the city. Just wish the ones at Yankee Stadium would be as good as the ones in Manhattan.

                                    2. I like 99 miles to Philly. They have great waffles fries too. Try it cheesebun and let me know what you think.

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                                      1. The stand at 46th and Park Ave. Get the "double."

                                        1. Get over it, it is not going to happen. For subs (hoagies) Faicco's on Bleeker makes an italian that is wonderful, not Chickey's, not Primo's, but damn good, you will not be settling.

                                          1. I lived in Philly for a few years for grad school and became addicted to these accursed things. Probably cost me at least one cardiac valve.

                                            I moved to NYC 15 years ago and was quite frustrated that you couldn't get a decent cheesesteak here. And then about 5 years ago Carl's started opening up -- things got a little better. But to my tastebuds, these were not a genuine Philly sandwich.

                                            Over the last couple of years, I have been going to 99 Miles to Philly at least once every 2 weeks or so. I think their sandwiches are as close to the genuine thing you're gonna get in this town. Not a 10, but a solid 8. I recommend it.

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                                              1. re: notsochubbychubette

                                                Carl's makes some mean chili...Anyone tried before? I'm a big fan of 99 Miles, too.


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                                                  My top 2 in NYC are still Carl's and Wogie's at least until the real Tony Luke's comes back to town. Anyone hear anything? Shorty's broke all ties to them and immediately went downhill IMHO.

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                                                    the downtown carl;s closed on chambers st. Katzs has a good cheese steak, not traditional though

                                            1. I moved up from Philly In 1980, and I have yet to find a cheesesteak that comes even close to an authentic Philly cheesesteak. If you find one let me know. The rolls are different, (not Amoroso's), the meat not the same, and all those funky peppers you can get at D'Alessandro's or Pat's do not even exist up here. The further north you go, into Massachusetts, they don't even call them Cheessteaks! They call them " Steak and Cheese Sandwiches"

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                                                You been to 99 Miles to Philly? they do theirs on Amoroso's. I think the steak is great at 99mtp, but agree with you on those dry oily hot peppers "The destroyers". Can't find them anywhere.

                                                I grew up in Mass and went to school in Phlly. Being the Masshole I am I went around telling everyone "It's called a STEAK AND CHEESE, not a Cheesteak." Don't worry I figured it all out eventually. I don't even touch cheesteaks outside of Philly unless we're talking Carls or 99 Miles to Philly.

                                              2. While I am at it. You CAN get good hoages here. They just don't call them hoagies, they call them subs or wedges. You just have to tell the deli guy what you want on your sandwich!

                                                1. One more thing. What you CAN get here that you CAN'T get in Philly is a real, hot corned beef or pastrami sandwich. In Philly they serve the corned beef cold. UGH!

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                                                    Try Herschel's at RTM or Famous, both corned beef and pastrami hot, and will put pastrami against Katz's anyday, but not against Schwartz's in Montreal.

                                                  2. To make you feel a little bad, check on Penna board. Cheesesteak thread was just listed for visitors and there is a link to a local contest of 40 of the areas csteaks. Lee's was not even mentioned. Used to play pool at Cue and Cushion next door to Lee's on Cheltenham and used it a lot. My 94 YO mother, who just passed, would get a hoagie from Lee's about once every two months. It is still there. They now have 16 locations, lMHO the bread has always been an issue.

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                                                    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                                                      I still visit Lee's when I go back, and the same guys are still working there. Amazing. Wasn't the cue and cushion kind of rough? My older cousins used to hang out there too. I don't generally agree much with what I've read in the Philly board, and my mom, (who was chef/owner of a restaurant in Philly) says she's had a few bum steers, so if Lee's didn't make the list, that's OK. (The Manhattan board is a different story - really knowledgeable posters!)
                                                      If the Phillies make it into the post season I'll have to check out Wogie's.

                                                      1. re: hungrycomposer

                                                        Cue and Cushion was in Cheltenham, how rough could it be? Spent much happy time there, still stink at pool though. One Pa poster named 'cheesewit' really has made a study of the cheesesteak, and l tend to agree with many of his choices. Through the board found many l had never heard of let alone been to.