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May 13, 2008 04:25 PM


My husband and I will be renting an apartment in the 6th. Our two college aged daughters will be joining us for 4 days (they'll be studying in Spain & Israel). Can you make some suggestions of your favorite places in the 6th.

In particular, I'm thinking of the first day when they fly into Paris and being able to walk somewhere wonderful near our apartment. Also, I'd love to have at least one picnic lunch with them. Any open air markets we should go to? How about your favorite cheese stores? patisseries?

Thank you!

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  1. Ze Kitchen Galerie has a great 3-course prix-fixe for 35 euros.

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      I've only been to Ze Kitchen for dinner, but the 3 course menu was not served. It's possible they offer it at lunch. They do, however, offer a 76 (75?) euro tasting that had about 7 dishes when I tried it.

    2. We were in Paris about a month ago and stayed in the 6th. We enjoyed a little bistro, Le Boussole,12 rue Guisarde. Prices were reasonable, service was good, and there didn't seem to be many tourists. There's also a large market (marche St. Germaine?) midway between Blvd. St. Germaine and Luxembourg Gardens. Unfortunately, we discovered it moments before it closed, and most of the vendors were already gone.

      For cheese, I believe Androuet is in the 6th (but maybe it's the 7th) on the way to Musee d'Orsay. Don't know where you're from, but we bought a very inexpensive piece of brie at a nearby Champion (a small supermarket, probably on the 5th-6th border) that was as good or better than much of what we've had at home (Boston.).

      Have a wonderful time!

      1. Thank you for those suggestions. The idea of shopping for cheese, bread, etc is something I'm really looking forward to.

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          Daisy, a couple of thoughts for picnic food. The market Phoebe mentions is OK with a reasonable selection, around the side streets. There is a very good patisserie here called Gerard Mulot in rue du Seine. Not far away is Pierre Herme on of Paris' top patisseries - expensive but possibly the best macaroons in the world.

          The other option for picnic food is the big department store - Bon Marche - this has a great food hall - top quality, wide selection, everything in one place. It is not the cheapest place to shop but it is very good if only for window shopping.
          For cheese one of the best small shops called Barthelemy (rue de Grenelle) they mature their own cheese and are very helpful, tiny but a delight.

          My advice is to avoid buying pre-packaged cheese especially from a supermarket, it really is nowhere near as good as cheese from a specialist shops. A good shop will sell you cheese that is perfect to eat when you want to eat it - believe me it makes a dramatic difference.

          A good restaurant to try is "Fish" in rue du Seine (other end from Mulot). It is a wine bar/restaurant which is pretty popular (you need to book). All the staff speak good English, the food is very good with a modern french twist. It will be comfortable and not challenging for a first meal - from memory the set meal is €34 a head

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   is a useful site for the location and opening times of various markets.

            Le Bon Marche is like an Aladdin's Cave for people who love to eat – but pricey.

            Itinéraires is an easy walking distance at 5 rue de Pontoise in the 5th. We haven’t been but heard good things from people we trust and plan to try it when we go back next year.

        2. Where are you staying in the 6th? Either exact address or street and cross street so I can Mapquest it. It is a big arrondisement. I have just returned from the 6th and for the first time stayed at the extreme south end very close to Montparnasse and a long walk to St Germain. Your location in the 6th would influence my suggestions.

          1. These are all wonderful suggestions. We have rented an apartment on Vieux Colombier. The cross street is Rue De Rennes.

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              You are well positioned - only a few blocks from Bon Marche. There is also a nice Cafe near there on rue du Cherche Midi called "Le Nemrod" very popular with local shoppers and nice for a salad at lunchtime.