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May 13, 2008 04:05 PM

foodie family reunion invite phrasing

So we are having a huge family reunion with several generations of foodies leading the healm. We have a good, solid italian theme menu planned because well, that's what we are and the older generations will accept nothing but italian themes. Here is where I am running in to trouble...I need some invitation phrasing help.

Because there are so many of us I do not have the time nor the resources to sit down and track down all the siblings, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren, nieces, get the idea. Is there a way to word the invite to ask whomever is getting the invite to feel free to invite all of their kids, grands, great grands, etc? Confusing, I know.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I, for one, would not attend a gathering to which the hostess had not invited me. That said, as this is a family event, perhaps you can delegate the inviting duties to a few other people who are then responsible for inviting their branches of the extended family. Good luck! Sounds like a great time!

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      "I, for one, would not attend a gathering to which the hostess had not invited me."

      To me, that's a bit stuffy for a family reunion! The point is to reunite the entire family, some of whom are not normally in touch. I've seen invitations to family reunions in the local newspapers, for crying out loud. "We're looking for all members of the Smith / Jones / Allen family - please reply if you're related to any of these people" kind of thing. It's supposed to be reaching out to all of the relatives.

      So 2nd cousin Sally is found by long-lost brother-in-law Tony... does she really not come unless invited directly by the host?

    2. Do you have enough family members emails that you could email them and ask for others addresses? I usually do that before we start doing mailings for our reunions to make sure I have everyone's address.

      If that isn't feasible, maybe phrase it something like - spread the word, the XX family is having a reunion. Let the rest of the clan know.

      Or just send a letter along with the invite to heads of different "branches" of the family and put them in charge of spreading the word to their "branch"

      1. "Dear [Tia Beatriz], Luigi, Alphonse, and I are planning a huge family reunion. We are planning a a good, solid and very traditional Italian meal. Because there are so many of us in the family, I am afraid that I cannot track down all the siblings, grand-children, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and others. I want to invite you and would ask you to help me by passing on this sincerest invitation to all of our sons, grandsons, great grandsons, and so on. I am also asking Beppo, Franchesco, Tia Burelli, as well as Joey, Frankie, and Mario to help me out on getting the invitations to everyone. Thank you and all the best.

        Caro [Tia Beatriz], Luigi, Alphonse ed io stanno progettando una riunione di famiglia enorme. Siamo progettare un buon, pasto italiano solido e e molto tradizionale. Poiché ci sono tanti di noi nella famiglia, sono impaurito che non posso seguire giù tutti i fratelli germani, i nipoti, i great-grandchildren, le nipoti, nipoti ed altri. Voglio invitarlo e gli chiederei di aiutarlo passando su questo invito più sincero a tutti i nostri figli, i nipoti, i grandi nipoti, ecc. Inoltre sto chiedendo a Beppo, Franchesco, Tia Burelli, così come Joey, Frankie e Mario per aiutarlo fuori sull'ottenere gli inviti a tutto. Grazie e tutto il meglio.

        1. I have always liked and have used to good effect:

          "Please Help Us Spread the News"

          or even the tried and true

          "Carry the Word Far & Wide"