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May 13, 2008 02:55 PM

Dim sum for large group (Vancouver/Richmond)

I'm thinking of holding my day after wedding brunch at a dim sum restaurant in Richmond or Chinatown, on a Monday around noon. We expect 15-25 people, most from out of town (non-dim-summers), and it's unlikely we'll have someone with us who speaks cantonese. Suggestions? I was thinking a la carte might be best because then I can order for the group. I'd like to keep the price down (broke from the wedding), but would like good quality food.

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  1. In Vancouver, my spots are Golden Phoenix (small-ish), Red Star, Golden Swan, Kirin (Cambie). The dishes are all around $3.25 and up. Floata is huge and can easily accomodate youir group...not the best dim sum, but right in Chinatown.

    In Richmond, I like Gingeri (for "modern" dim sum), Shiang Garden, Sun Sui Wah, Sea Harbour, Fisherman's Terrace and Kirin. Northern Delicacies has a private room which seats about 25 people. It's good too. $3.50 and up. Gingeri is in Lansdowne Mall so parking is easy. Northern Delicacies and Fisherman's Terrace are in Aberdeen Mall where the parking can be a challenge. Kirin is probably the best choice for your group.

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      Thanks fmed, the private room at Northern Delicacies sounds appealing, although the ambiance of dim sum will be lost . . .
      Sorry to have posted yet another dim sum topic, I always go to dim sum with someone who speaks cantonese, so the idea of leading a large group to dim sum where I will be considered the 'expert' is a little daunting. Lansdowne is very close to where many of the guests are staying, so I may try gingeri if they take reservations. . .

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        Is breakfast an option? I know most places have specials if you order/finish before 11 am.

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          If any of your guests like to gamble or want an activity after dim sum, there's the new Kirin in New West, just off the east-west connector and it's inside the Starlight Casino. It's a nice room. Very modern, clean and they have these sheer-ish drapes that they can pull around tables to give a bit of privacy, but not lose out on ambiance. The service is good, the bathrooms are clean, and most of the wait staff speak English, if that brings any comfort.

      2. Prince on Renfrew and Grandview Hwy (12th) may be suggestion. Their food is pretty good, fresh and they have interesting modern dim sum choices. Plus they have a semi-private room (holds about 6 large tables). Personally doing dim sum with that many ppl will be difficult especially for those who aren't dim sum educated. I would ask the restaurant to do up a menu for you (not a 10 course meal) but work something out so you have a combination of dim sum and other foods. This way every one will be able to try a bit of everything.