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May 13, 2008 01:59 PM

Stellar Wine Bar (Greenville, SC)

I had the opportunity to try out a new wine bar in downtown Greenville last night. Stellar's official grand opening is today.

The space (above now-closed Venti) is pretty sleek. A nighttime sky is painted on the ceiling, complete with twinkling fiber-optic lights. The service was great as the staff seems well-prepared. All the wines (about 40 or so, I think) can be ordered by the bottle, 6 oz. glasses, or 2.5 oz. glasses. The menu is full of interesting appetizers, small plates, and desserts.

We started with cheddar ale fondue (probably my least favorite. I'd prefer more bread and fewer veggies like tomatoes and carrots.) The roasted vegetable baklava was delicious, and the mini pork tenderloin wellington with apple chutney was good by default since it involved bacon and puff pastry. I could leave the okra and red potato succotash that accompanied it. The dessert sampler introduced me to my new guilty pleasure: apple and pear empanadas. Next time I'll scrap the sampler and I order just the empanadas, with cinnamon ice cream and a cheddar dipping sauce, as the menu describes. And yes, I think there will be a next time. Stellar seems to bring something new and fun to the table for downtown Greenville.

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  1. Thanks for the info! Above (was) that the place w/ the overpriced kitchen gadgets? Is this restaurant connected with any other in town? Do you know if they will have lunch? Hey, 2.5 oz of wine sounds like a perfect lunch! I love that concept, and if they actually pour 6 oz in a regular size glass...that will be generous for dinner. Most of the choices you describe sound pretty heavy. Any lighter things in evidence? That's the problem I find w/ many small-plate places...the small plates are quite fat-intensive, which is fine for an app to be followed by a more reasonable meal, but if you make your whole meal of foie gras and cheese , etc. , I tend to feel heavy after .

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      It is true that I did feel surprisingly full afterwards. They have some salads and a portabello-wrapped scallop dish that I couldn't order because the friend I was with hates mushrooms. There's also a berry & champagne soup on the dessert menu.

      Stellar IS connected to Trio, but I'd say go try it out before you judge it. ;) And you're right about the location; where O-cha used to be.

      Looks like they open at 4:30pm, Mon-Sat.

      Also, maybe they were 5 oz. glasses. That would make more sense...It was pretty dark in there. I probably read the menu wrong, and I hadn't even been drinking yet!

      1. re: buckeye.mary

        FYI, The larger portion is a 6 oz. glass.

    2. Thanks for the report - I'm looking forward to checking them out soon!