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May 13, 2008 01:43 PM

Help! Dinner for 30 ppl for $70 incl. wine, tax & tip!

I've been charged with the task of finding a place for dinner for an office outing on June 10. Our budget is $70 per person including wine/drinks, tax, and tip. (I calculate this to be $55 before tax and tip). I know this is a very difficult thing to ask for especially since we are a large group and a lot of places are going to want to charge us for a private room, etc., but if I don't come up with something, our fallback place is Carmine's, so please help me! Our office is located downtown in the financial district, so the ideal areas would be SoHo, Tribeca, Village, LES, Union Square, etc., but if there is a really good recommendation I may be able to convince everyone to travel a little further. Chinatown is out b/c we are having dinner there the night before. As for type of food, my co-workers prefer mainstream fare like new American, Italian, French, etc. I appreciate your help -- and I always value a fellow hounder's opinion! TIA

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  1. A friend of mine put together a similar dinner at La Mela in Little Italy a few years ago - I think we paid $45 or $50 per person, and that included everything (loads of family style food, all the wine we could drink, desserts, tax/tip etc). We had a nice big room all to ourselves and stayed pretty much the whole night - lots of fun! Not sure that the food would be any different/better than Carmine's, though. It's pretty straightforward red-sauce Italian.

    1. Rather go to Dolce Vita on Grand Street. They have a contemporary menu and the food is fantastic. We had a party for 17 girls and we had a blast. We chose their 3 course menu at $45 per person. It came to about what you are requiring after tax and tip. They have a lovely cosy restaurant and the service was supberb and a space large enough for about 50 I would say. Have fun

      1. Not with a party, but I had a lovely dinner at Village Restaurant. Their private party menu is a bit dated from last fall so call to check on the prices..

        1. MetroCafe Wine Bar on 21st near Broadway has a big room in the back that could probably hold 30 and would most likely come close to your budget.

          1. A friend of mine had a party at Sala, a tapas restaurant. There are 2 packages -- one at $55/person and the other at $65/person. The prices include beer, wine, sangria, taxes and gratuity.


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              Second the Sala rec. Did the prix fix package on New Years Eve with a group and it was perfect- good bang for your buck.