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May 13, 2008 01:40 PM


Fantastic addition to the downtown Salem area. The food is incredible and the atmosphere is sophiscated and comfortable. Great waitstaff as well.

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  1. Do they have their full liquor license yet? They did not when they opened.

      1. re: phonelady

        They do have a full liquor license...It was a beer and wine when they opened but is a full license until Dec 31st.

      2. Its actually Sixty2 on Wharf. Sorry, not be be a scudge or anything.

        1. Funny, we had a different take. The food is very well prepared, but would not describe it as incredible. The atmosphere is sophiscated, but the wait staff tries way too hard. If the waiter called me "Miss" one more time I thought I would smack him. "Miss would you like water", "Miss would you like bread" "Miss would you like your entree now", etc., etc. But it is a higher level of sophiscation than you would find at other eateries in the area and the martini selection is interesting.

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          1. re: kate used to be 50

            I think Miss is much better than what most staff in the area say..."are you guys ready to order, are you guys done?" Let's be honest, if being polite is considered trying too hard, I'll take that any time over referring to everyone at the table as you guys.

            1. re: elmariachi

              Point taken, but understand, I past the "Miss" years a long time ago, so it is a bit pejorative.

          2. I've been in severaI times, I agree this is exactley what Salem needs,they've only been opened a few months and there doing a great job.Very profesional staff..thank you 62!