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Fantastic addition to the downtown Salem area. The food is incredible and the atmosphere is sophiscated and comfortable. Great waitstaff as well.

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  1. Do they have their full liquor license yet? They did not when they opened. http://www.wickedlocal.com/salem/fun/...

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        They do have a full liquor license...It was a beer and wine when they opened but is a full license until Dec 31st.

      2. Its actually Sixty2 on Wharf. Sorry, not be be a scudge or anything.

        1. Funny, we had a different take. The food is very well prepared, but would not describe it as incredible. The atmosphere is sophiscated, but the wait staff tries way too hard. If the waiter called me "Miss" one more time I thought I would smack him. "Miss would you like water", "Miss would you like bread" "Miss would you like your entree now", etc., etc. But it is a higher level of sophiscation than you would find at other eateries in the area and the martini selection is interesting.

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            I think Miss is much better than what most staff in the area say..."are you guys ready to order, are you guys done?" Let's be honest, if being polite is considered trying too hard, I'll take that any time over referring to everyone at the table as you guys.

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              Point taken, but understand, I past the "Miss" years a long time ago, so it is a bit pejorative.

          2. I've been in severaI times, I agree this is exactley what Salem needs,they've only been opened a few months and there doing a great job.Very profesional staff..thank you 62!

            1. My parents took my husband and I to Sixty2 on the Wharf for our birthdays last night (Saturday Sept. 13) and we had a nice meal. The service was a little harried; it looked like they were down a server or two and the bussers were being trained. Our server spilled a beer on me at the start of the meal but offered to send my jacket to the drycleaners (which I took them up on) and comped us our desserts. Accidents happen, I still enjoyed the meal. We started with the chef's choice of tastes: chickpea fritters, mussel salad, eggplant in agradolce, tomato and mozerella salad, marinated mushrooms, and bacalau (salted cod fritters.) Everything was delicious.

              For entrees, I had the garganelli with braised duck, dried cherries, pine nuts, and greens. The pasta is all made in house and it was delicious. My mother had the zuppe de peche which she enjoyed. My husband had the fish special and he said it was meltingly tender. My father had the spagettini which had... potatoes and some other stuff... it was a little more on the al dente side, but dad likes pasta super al dente, so it wasn't a huge deal.

              For dessert, we shared the warm toffee pudding and the peach crostada. Desserts are all made inhouse and they were excellent.

              Wine list was extensive and they had a nice selection of quartinos- about a third of a bottle of wine, so it was a nice amount for the money ($9-11). Speaking of the money, the "tastes" were $5/each and our chef's tasting of "tastes" was $18. Entrees were $25-30 for excellent quality.

              All in all, a very welcome addition to the Salem dining scene. Hooray!

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                I went a few weeks ago with my parents and girlfriend...we had apps. and cocktails in the bar area (girlfriend running a little late). I enjoyed the atmosphere and our starters. The Bartender forgot to send our order to the kitchen, but he was genuinely sorry and offered us a round of drinks as an apology...well worth waiting a few extra minutes, in my opinion. We weren't rushing, anyway. Our appetizers were quite good and the friendly couple near us thought their experience was a great way to end their day trip to Salem. Their entrees looked very authentic and at least smelled delicious. We eventually moved to our table. My date and I split the Florentine steak and a salad- perfectly cooked and seasoned. I don't often compliment salads, but ours was very good- simple and fresh, not over-dressed. Our server was a little rough but very friendly and went back to the kitchen when I had a question about the fois gras, which, alas, she forgot to order.
                The chef (to whom I offer my compliments) prepared a cheese plate for us after dinner, even though it wasn't on the menu.
                I will enthusiastically return, and hope that some of the rough edges on the service have been smoothed. The restaurant had only been open a few weeks when we went.

              2. We just got back from our second trip to Sixty2- another Saturday night, and this meal was even better than the one we had before.

                Drinks upon arrival: DC had a Chimay, I had a quartino of a pinot gris from Oregon.

                nibbles/tapas/antipasti: we got cauliflower fritters, arancini, and chickpea fritters. I know, that's a lotta fried brown crunchy things, but they were very good and very different from one another. The chickpea fritters had a date compote thing to die for as an accompaniment.

                We decided that rather have a main course, we would have two smaller courses. Mostly because everything looked so awesome and this was an opportunity to try more.

                mid-course: I had a braised pork belly with yucca fries and spicy red cabbage relish/salsa. OMG. One of the best pork bellies I've ever had- not too fatty and perfectly cooked. DC had an arugula salad with prosciutto, figs, manchego cheese, and almonds. Also amazing.

                Second round of drinks: I had a Chimay and DC had this excellent organic belgian beer which was a "single" (as opposed to dubbel or tripel). Very, very tasty. And since this place is much more a wine place than a beer place, kind of impressive to see it on their beer list. The beer list is not huge but very diverse and as beer geeks, we were pleased.

                pasta course: I had papadelle with braised rabbit and green olives. DC had angnolotti (which was like a ravioli thing with delicious creamy ricotta) with butternut squash, sage, and chestnuts. I could not finish my pasta because it was too good to keep eating since I was so full - the pork belly was pretty rich and the pasta looked like it would keep as a leftover quite nicely.

                Dessert: DC had the sticky toffee pudding and a cappuccino; I had a glass of 10 year old tawny port. They were offering a brown butter tart with vanilla poached apples and vanilla gelato which seemed amazing, but we could only handle one dessert without exploding (and DC had his heart set on the toffee pudding from the beginning.) I really want to go back to try it though. The toffee pudding had the seal of approval from my British husband-said it was even better than anything he'd had back home.

                Our server told us that they'd recently retooled the menu and the wine list for the fall season and she seemed very proud of it. The service was great- and the place was hopping. The staff is very friendly and helpful and informative.

                Now that it's prime Halloween tourist time, I thought I'd share (again) so that any 'Hounds in the area for haunted houses or pirates or whatnot would know that there is a very nice place to have a great meal at a (by Boston standards) reasonable price.

                I just couldn't be more pleased that there's a place like this in town.

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                  I too went to 62 on Wharf last week and had an awesome experience. As far as food goes, I can't offer much more since we had the appetizer sampler (pork pate was superb), with mushrooms, arancini, cod fritters and marinated zucchini(, pork belly and agnolotti and toffee pudding for dessert, but it was all fabulous. The pork belly was a thing of beauty , the red cabbage slaw a perfect companion for the fatty unsmoked bacon. The wine, bread, and service were all top notch and I can't wait fo get back for more (however that will be in November because we will not brave Salem downtown in October!!!) Go to this place!!!!