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May 13, 2008 01:31 PM

Bodum Spare Parts in Montreal

We broke our Bodum Chambord - just the glass beaker part. Does anyone know of a store in Montreal that sells spare bodum parts (specifically the glass part for an 8 European cup Bodum)? We could order it online but want to avoid shipping costs.


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  1. Haven't looked lately but the CDN branch of Brûlerie St-Denis used to carry Bodum-brand replacement beakers. You might try asking at their mother store on St-Denis. Also, I think I may have seen one recently at the CDN Rona store. Will try to remember to check the next time I'm there -- quite possibly tomorrow.

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      For future reference, today the CDN Brûlerie St-Denis had eight-cup Bodum-brand beakers and the CDN Rona store had beakers from various manufacturers, including Bodum, though not Bodum for the eight-cup model. If these branches stock them, others probably do too.

    2. Howdy!

      La Vieille Europe stocks 'em (along with replacement parts for just about any other coffee accessory I can think of) 3855 Saint Laurent.

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        crap! should have told me this last month!

      2. La Soupiere stocks replacement beakers, or can order them for you.

        1. It's not Montreal, but the Green Beanery in Toronto has a good stock of replacement accessories, including unbreakable polycarbonate beakers for Bodums. I seem to recall their shipping is quite reasonable.

          1. Went to Vieille Europe looking for a replacement beaker and they were out of the 8-cup. BTW they don't carry Bodum brand beakers, but Bonjour brand.

            So walking down the street, I decided to check if Nino's might have one and they did have the Bonjour brand beaker for 13$. In fact they have a wide selections of replacement parts for french press and mokka pots.