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May 13, 2008 01:10 PM

Dining in Rome this summer with children

Hi folks,

We'll be in Rome this summer with my extended family. At times, our group could be quite large (15). We are happy to be split up amongst many tables. I am looking for some suggestions for restaurants for dinner. Moderately priced. Good, local, neighborhood-y places in the vicinity of the Pantheon. We'll need to stay close to the hotel for dinner since some of our kids are quite young and will be tired after long days of sight seeing. Oh, and any gelato suggestions in the area?


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  1. For gelato: Giolitti and Fiocco di Neve. For restaurants, most of the sub-Michelin star places discussed on this board will be fine. Just be sure to book.

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      "Moderate" in Rome is now at least 25 euro per person if you get pasta, house wine, and are sharing an appetizer or meat. Pizza in the center is about 15-20 if you are getting an appetizer, beer, and pizza.
      Walking around the center doesn't take too long so even going to moderate places near Piazza Navona is an easy walk from the Pantheon. Desiderio preso per la coda on Via Palomba is a good bet. 8 euro pastas but creative stuff. Da Tonino on Governo Vecchio is cheap and open early, very local. La Foccaccia near Santa Maria della Pace is also cheap and open all day - it will hold many people in its basement. Baffetto for great roman pizza on Via Governo Vecchio. No booking possible for that one, so go early. Monte Carlo aroud the corner also pretty good pizza with great fritti.
      Gelato and cafe (which you might need if traveling in 15 and with little ones) abounds in that area. San Crispino isn't to far. Mid-range restaurants near pantheon - Armando al pantheon, Da Antonio - next to Tazzo d'oro coffee bar - is supposed to be good and moderate. Take-away pizza near Largo Argentina discussed on this board good for take-away. Not too far away from the pantheon, near Campo dei fiori there is a Dar Pallaro (sp?) in the piazza with the same name which does a set menu 28 or 29 euro per person. Tons of food, so little kids can probably just pick off parents' plate and be fine!