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May 13, 2008 12:40 PM

Ugly American

Heading to the Ugly American for dinner before Cirque du Soliel tomorrow. Anyone have any recs. off the menu?

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  1. Hello,

    I really love the roast beef on wick sandwich (a Buffalo, NY specialty). Don't skip the biscuits served before the meal...they are delicious!

    1. The menu has changed quite a bit since I was there, the only thing I wouldn't recommend is the stuffed pepper. I've had the beef on wick and garbage plate, both very good. It's just a good place, they care about the food they're making and it shows. As a result, it's hard to go wrong there.

      Save room for dessert, they make good ones.

      1. We were there a couple weeks ago. Shared the the duck nachos...excellent. The chicken was amazing...as good as any French bistro. Desserts... key lime & coconut custard pies-great. We'll definitely be back!

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          i was there tonight, and i was a little underwhelmed. The biscuits are the truth, maybe the best pre-dinner bread in town. But my roast beef was overloaded with horseradish. A couple of bites were pleasant with the spicy hr and the sweet onions, but I had to remove alot of it to make it edible. The jus also wasn't that great, imo. Didn't add much to the sandwich, but the roll was really good. The wings were very good with a really good blue cheese sauce on the side. Service was pretty bad as the pre phillies crowd was coming in and there was only one server to our little section with the license plate mural. I don't want to say" i will never go back", but I will def. consider yello'bar next time on my south philly gastrpub search before a game or show.

        2. What a wonderful meal we had while visiting this place! Only place better is Peppercorns in south Philly. The chef at Peppercorn is a sweet guy, we talked about his yummy cheesecake and he was a doll. Ugly American really needs to step up their game if they want to be who the South Philly Review also agrees with, and that is "the Best".