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May 13, 2008 12:30 PM

Staying in National Harbor, MD

Hi! YOu all were such a help with Atlanta I have another one for you. I'll be staying at the Gaylord Hotel in National harbor, MD in June. I know this is quite a ways from downtown D.C. so I'm wondering if there are any good eats within walking distance....or a short cab ride from the hotel. I'll be taking a customer to dinner so I need something nice that isn't too casual. I look forward to any suggestions. No dietary restrictions here! Thanks!

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  1. Right now the only thing open at the Harbor is the Gaylord Hotel, together with restaurants located in the hotel. The hotel restaurants are okay. The nicer one I went to was a steak house.
    ]Although the Natl. Harbor project will be huge when finished, with lots of restaurants, I'm not sure if anything else is scheduled to be open by June. There is nothing within walking distance.

    There is a ferry that runs from Natl. Harbor to Old Town Alexandria (I believe the cost is $12). There are a lot of good restaurants in Old Town (check previous threads). The area around the Harbor has few choices -- a Chinese place, Outback, a BBQ place. None of these are reachable by car and some of the areas of kind of sketchy (and I used to live there so I know the area well.)

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      Sheri is correct. Nothing walking distance or even a short cab ride outside of the hotel/conference center. Boating to Old Town may be a good option.

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        I also recommend you take the water taxi to Old Town. Lots of threads on it already, but come back with any specific inquiries-we can help narrow down your choices.
        FYI-once in Old Town, most options are on or near the main drag-King St.
        There is a free trolley that runs up and down King St.- so everthing is accessable.