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May 13, 2008 12:18 PM

Hatteras, NC dining

I know that the Outer Banks isn't a culinary mecca, but can anyone recommend some good restaurants near Hatteras or Avon? (We're heading there for a week in Aug. and plan to do most of our own cooking, but I'd like to have a few restaurant options ready).

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  1. We stayed there a few years ago, and you should do a search of my follow-up post.

    I highly recommend that you take some cooking gear and shop for several dinners at Risky Business Seafood in Hatteras. We had some of the best meals of our lives cooking their seafood on a butane camping burner in our hotel room just across the parking lot. Their fish is as fresh as it gets, and needs nothing more than butter and salt to be divine. Maybe a little tartar sauce...

    But AVOID the restaurant located directly above Risky Business. Expensive and awful, a bad combination.

    Also, there's a little side-of-the-road dump that serves cold beer and really good oysters. It's a beach bum kind of place, which we love.

    But the real find in that area is Risky Business. Fresh, fresh, fresh. Beautiful.

    1. Yep - We mainly just buy some fresh seafood from Risky Business (and groceries from the Village Grocery next door).

      But one place that is worth checking out is the Blue Parrott Cafe. It's worth it just for the sunset view over the Sound.