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May 13, 2008 12:15 PM

Wine Dinners in Dade/Broward

Is there a definitive listing of winemaker dinners at local restaurants anyone knows of?

Chef Allen's has one every now and then

Cafe Maxx in Pompano seems to have exactly what I'm looking for except that it is way the hell up in Pompano. Anyone know a restaurant this wine-event friendly a little closer to Aventura?

AIWF seems to organize things every so often.

But mostly these things seem to be hard to find.

It would be nice if this post could be updated whenever someone learns of a good upcoming event of this nature.

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  1. I have been invited to some at the Setai, however the sommelier is leaving them to head to the Setai in NY so not sure of the future of their dinners and since we are going into slow season it probably will not kick in until season 2008
    The Thursday Food section of the Miami Herald is usually good about posting wine dinners as well. I will be more than glad to edit the list from the Herald and post it here.

    1. Good place to check on such things is through your local wine shop and to get on their mailing list. I know Sunset Corners in South Miami is often promoting wine dinners, sometimes Wolfe's Wine also.

      Sunset is currently promoting an upcoming wine dinner at Yuga (Coral Gables) on May 29. Can probably get more information from the restaurant.

      This website also has several wine dinners listed ->

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        I am on the mailing list for Wine Watch (in FLL) and do get notifications from them, but usually confined to either their site or to Cafe Maxx. I will check into mailing lists you mention.

        South Florida gourmet website is great - didn't even know it existed, though I was a fan of the print version when it existed years ago. Wine dinners seem to be listed there at

      2. Here's one that W Wine on Miami Beach is doing at a new French restaurant on Lincoln Road ->

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          Lincoln and Euclid? Sounds like Nexxt Cafe ; )

          1. Escopazzo seems to be having an event on July 24 (Thursday), but even after reserving a spot I'm sketchy on the details. Apparently you bring 2 of the same bottle from your collection, enjoy a tasting, then pay for a special menu after.