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Wine Dinners in Dade/Broward

Is there a definitive listing of winemaker dinners at local restaurants anyone knows of?

Chef Allen's has one every now and then

Cafe Maxx in Pompano seems to have exactly what I'm looking for except that it is way the hell up in Pompano. Anyone know a restaurant this wine-event friendly a little closer to Aventura?

AIWF seems to organize things every so often.

But mostly these things seem to be hard to find.

It would be nice if this post could be updated whenever someone learns of a good upcoming event of this nature.

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  1. I have been invited to some at the Setai, however the sommelier is leaving them to head to the Setai in NY so not sure of the future of their dinners and since we are going into slow season it probably will not kick in until season 2008
    The Thursday Food section of the Miami Herald is usually good about posting wine dinners as well. I will be more than glad to edit the list from the Herald and post it here.

    1. Good place to check on such things is through your local wine shop and to get on their mailing list. I know Sunset Corners in South Miami is often promoting wine dinners, sometimes Wolfe's Wine also.

      Sunset is currently promoting an upcoming wine dinner at Yuga (Coral Gables) on May 29. Can probably get more information from the restaurant.

      This website also has several wine dinners listed ->

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        I am on the mailing list for Wine Watch (in FLL) and do get notifications from them, but usually confined to either their site or to Cafe Maxx. I will check into mailing lists you mention.

        South Florida gourmet website is great - didn't even know it existed, though I was a fan of the print version when it existed years ago. Wine dinners seem to be listed there at http://www.southfloridagourmet.com/ne...

      2. Here's one that W Wine on Miami Beach is doing at a new French restaurant on Lincoln Road ->

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          Lincoln and Euclid? Sounds like Nexxt Cafe ; )

          1. Escopazzo seems to be having an event on July 24 (Thursday), but even after reserving a spot I'm sketchy on the details. Apparently you bring 2 of the same bottle from your collection, enjoy a tasting, then pay for a special menu after.

            1. Folks, you are welcome to share information about local wine dinners, but our guidelines don't permit posting of emails from restaurants or cutting and pasting information from local publications. We've removed several posts that fall into these categories. Posting links is fine, however.


              1. Smith & Wollensky is having a series of winemaker dinners. I would post a link to the menu, but it seems this isn't permitted? The next one is on October 8, and one after that is November 5. The October one features Windsor Sonoma wines (which I'm not familiar with), and I think the November one might be Cakebread.

                It's a 5 course meal with 4 pairings for $100 including tax and tip, so I think that is a pretty good value, and I think I'll be checking at least one of them out.

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                    Smith and Wollensky is not the best food in town but it's one of the better values as far as steakhouses go, and as far as ocean view dining goes. I'd be intrigued to try it out.

                    Does anyone know anything about Windsor Sonoma? I'm not a fan of their tag "new line of ultra-premium wines produced by our renowned winemaker Marco DiGiulio". sounds like they're trying to sell overpriced vodka.

                    I'm also curious about the menu pairing halibut w/Merlot. hmmmmmm

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                      I've been through Sonoma Valley several times but never noticed Windsor Sonoma. Appears to be a sister winery to Girard in Napa Valley, which I have heard of if not drunk much of. There have been wines from Sonoma made under the name Windsor before, don't know if the Girard folks bought the winery or just the name.

                      DiGiulio appears to have had prior gigs as winemaker at Pezzi King, Robert Pepi and Lokoya. He apparently was not long at Lokoya, having come in in 1998 when the former winemaker passed away, then replaced by Chris Carpenter (who is still there now) in 2000.

                      Interesting that just last night I watched Mario Batali on Iron Chef America do a potato-wrapped halibut w/ a barolo sauce as a tribute to a dish of Daniel Boulud (originally done with sea bass) ->
                      I have a suspicion S&W is doing a variation on the same dish, and pairing a merlot with that isn't so far-fetched.

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                        now that was a truly edifying post. Thank you.

                1. Chef Allen's Wine Down Wednesday returns 9/24 $59 w/ wine
                  menu link

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                    I saw that. Last year the wine-down overlapped with the spice menu, and I got a meal with pairings for $35. Those were the days!

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                      Chef Allen

                      WDW Yalumba
                      A Sustainable winery from Australia
                      October 29, 2008

                      Stone Crab Cake
                      Orange - Fennel Remoulade, Green Apple Chutney
                      Yalumba Voignier

                      ***** ***** *****

                      Crisp Duck Confit
                      Giant Lima Bean Cassoulet
                      Yalumba Shiraz

                      ***** ***** *****

                      Wood Roasted Lamb Steak
                      Yuca Steak Fries, Poached Garlic Red Wine Glaze
                      Yalumba MGS

                      ***** ***** *****

                      Cardamom Spiced Pear Charlotte
                      Guava and Pine Nut Ice Cream
                      Yalumba Galway Pipe Port

                      $59.00 per guest

                      Call 305-935-2900 or click here to make a reservation.

                    2. I got an invite from Johnson and Wales "distinguished visiting chef" series (been to several of these, and they are recommended):

                      Distinguished Visiting Chef Series:
                      Stephen Stryjewski, Executive Chef/Co-OwnerCochon, New Orleans

                      Friday, November 7, 2008, 7 p.m.

                      Reception begins at 6 p.m.Johnson & Wales University,
                      University Center1701 NE 127th Street, North Miami, FL


                      Pickled Shrimp and Okra on Grit Crackers
                      Pumpkin and Pecan Rice Calas with Pepper Jelly
                      Boudin Balls with Pickled Peppers and Cochon Mustard


                      Hogshead Cheese with Red Mustard Greens and Fried Peas

                      Oyster and Bacon Stew with Cracklin Corn Bread

                      Panneed Rabit Sauce Picante with Popcorn Rice

                      Chocolate and Chickory Custard with Cayenne Whipped Cream

                      R.S.V.P. to 305-913-2108 or register online: http://www.jwu.edu/chefschoice/mia/ $85 per person, includes reception, hors d’oeuvres and four courses paired with wines. No-shows and cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice will be billed.

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                        I actually was at Cochon this past weekned. The boudin balls are slap yo momma good! Very good meal, though the appetizers were much better than the entrees.

                      2. Smith & Wollensky is having it's last wine dinner on November 5. This one features Cakebread wines, and it's the one I've been waiting for. Menu at http://www.smithandwollensky.com/wine....

                        $100 all inclusive (tip and tax too), so that is going to be my 4th Quarter splurge dinner.

                        Did anyone go to any of the other dinners (last one was Windsor wines I think).

                        1. W Wine is doing a wine dinner w/ Torbreck wines at the Setai next Monday 2/9/09 which looks pretty nice ->


                          1. Not Dade or Broward, but Boulud in Palm Beach seems to be big into the wine dinners. I came across this while looking for the spread for Vinitaly in Palm Beach:


                            fourth paragraph or so down indicates the last one featured Hanzell Vineyards and February 18 will feature Austrian wines.

                            1. I'm recussitating a very dead thread because I think chowhound would be providing a real public service if it would pin a thread with "upcoming events" (something a little broader than wine dinners). The only other way to learn of upcoming events is to sign up with each restaurant's email list, which can lead to a little too much email - chowhound could help out, and in that way distinguish itself from yelp, urbanspoon, etc.

                              What made me think of this old thread was a "Craft Beer Dinner" I went to last night that was so outstanding, I wish there had been a pinned thread to post it to and have more beer-loving hounds attending.

                              The dinner was at db Bistro Moderne (boloud's Miami outpost in d/t Miami), and I was pretty overwhelmed by the quality of the food, the service, the pairings, and the value (tickets were sold in advance including tax and gratuity, for about $70). Each of the 4 courses had several items served "family style" for a total of 9 different menu items (highlights of which were scallop ceviche, oyster gratinee (outstanding), kabobs with 3 meats (served on a bed of couscous that was actually cauliflour - wow), the famous db Burger (which I was by that time to stuffed to enjoy) and 3 amazing desserts.

                              The beers were from Tampa's Cigar City brewing, and they were outstanding and plentiful.

                              Anyway, I'll try and post more UPcoming events, not past ones.

                              1. If I were able to stay up this late, I'd check out the "Midnight Chef’s Table Series." at Yardbird.
                                $40 seems like amazing value (kind of a thing with me), including a specialty cocktail:

                                "Every Friday at midnight, starting May 18th, join Chef Jeff McInnis, some friends and some soon-to-be-friends around a communal table featuring a continually changing menu of inventive and inspired takes on traditional Southern fare. Each week will bring a special “Guest Chef” and a new “Chef’s Choice” meal served family style to a limited number of guests. Set in the midst of all the action in front of Yardbird’s open kitchen, the dinner will also include a culinary matched cocktail prepared tableside. Chef McInnis will be on hand to visit with guests, “talk food” and extoll the virtues of sourcing from local farms, foragers and fisherman. Be sure to check our website and social media regularly for a schedule of future special guest chefs, sommeliers and bartenders."

                                Upcoming Guest Chefs:
                                Dean James Max (3030 Ocean) - June 15th
                                Paula DaSilva (1500 degrees) - June 22nd
                                Timon Balloo (Sugarcane) - Date TBD

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                                  1. re: non sequitur

                                    as i mention in the review, this event is really worth staying up late.

                                    btw, Chef Timon is there THIS Friday (May 25th)!

                                    1. re: mattstolz

                                      yeah but no one wants to hit the beach on Friday night at midnight during Memorial Day weekend

                                      1. re: The Chowfather

                                        Agreed, even though you should not have an issue with yardbird (it is away from festivities), just getting into the beach is not worth it.

                                        1. re: tpigeon

                                          more deliciousness for those lucky enough to attend this week!

                                  2. Johnson & Wales University has about 3 "Distinguished Visiting Chef" wine dinners each year, and if I was around 10/26 I think I'd be checking this one: Jeff McInnis of YARDBIRD fame

                                    4-courses with wine for $85 all inclusive (not a bad deal when you consider pre-dinner drinks and wine pairins). I haven't been to one of these since Marcus Samuellson was the visiting chef, but it's a great meal and value. See attachment for menu and info.

                                    the RSVP contact is Irene 305-892-7578

                                    1. Now that this old thread has been revived, it's probably worth pointing out that DB Bistro Moderne in downtown Miami has been doing wine dinners (often with visiting winemakers) pretty regularly.

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                                        Wine Watch in Fort Lauderdale has regular wine dinners. It is also an excellent wine store.
                                        Just cut and past above.

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                                          We will be in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Oct. 31 through Nov. 4. Anyone know about any wine dinners any of those days???

                                        2. I know CH often frowns on links but I've started keeping a list of upcoming food & wine related dinners and events here:


                                          Don't know if I'd call it "definitive" (it's more what draws my attention, rather than all-inclusive) and it's focused more on Miami than Broward but hopefully it's somewhat useful.

                                          Here's another list that I just found that may be more comprehensive:


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                                            Thanks Frod - great place to check! I'll also call Wolfe's to see whether they know of anything in the Gables.

                                          2. CPC sez that SEA holds a monthly wine dinner. This month, owner/chef Tony Sindaco is preparing a Halloween-themed four-course paired meal with a dessert. A Halloween night event, it'll set you back $85 per person.

                                            They're usually the last Wednesday of the each month.

                                            1. The good news: Daniel Boulud White Truffle Dinner on 11/28 at db Bistro Moderne: 6 courses with wine (6:30 reception; dinner at 7).

                                              The bad news: $325 excluding tax and tip. Not being a "1%-er", I will sadly not be in attendance.

                                              Makes me weep for the $125 white truffle dinner I had at the late Mark's las olas - one of the best meals I ever had (about a decade ago).

                                              1. DB Bistro Moderne has another expensive ($150) wine dinner next Tuesday, January 15th, wines from Cuvelier Los Andes — and Bordeaux— Leoville-Poyferré.

                                                4-course menu featuring Guinea Hen Ballotine Wrapped in Puff Pastry and Bread Crusted Dorade with Artichokes and Fingerling Potatoes.

                                                Cuvelier Los Andes Cuvee de Maule 2010
                                                Cuvelier Los Andes Coleccion Malbec 2009
                                                Cuvelier Los Andes Colleccion Gran Vin 2008
                                                Château Leoville-Poyferre St. Julien Grand Vin 2004
                                                Paul-Marie Pineau des Charantes Rouge

                                                Pre payment with tax and gratuity comes to $193-ish. I'm hoping they do another beer-tasting dinner, because that came in close to half the price.

                                                1. The Fountainbleau restaurants also have a wine dinner series, and it's even less affordable than db Bistro. Link at:

                                                  January 22: Bertani @ Scarpetta $195++
                                                  January 24: Opus One @ Gotham Steak $295++
                                                  February 21, 2013: Kosta Browne Winery
                                                  March 14, 2013: Vérité Winery [price and place TBD
                                                  ]April 17, 2013: Dunn Vineyards [price and place TBD]

                                                  I would dearly love to go to the 2/21 Kosta Browne (amazing California Pinot Noir), but the prices starting at $200 before tax and tip tell me that Miami is becoming increasingly out of my reach. Hope some of you other hounds can enjoy.

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                                                    Oh my, the Bertani dinner looks amazing. All those Bertani Amarones........ sigh.....

                                                  2. Another upcoming Distinguished Visiting Chef dinner at Johnson and Wales (1701 NE 127th Street) on Friday, February 1, this time featuring Adrianne Calvo of Chef Adrianne's Vinyard Restaurant and Wine Bar, which I'd never been to but has great feedback online (4.5 with 90 reviews).
                                                    I made sure to reserve for myself before posting here :)

                                                    $85 for 4 courses includes tax and wines.
                                                    reception: grilled shrimp; Meatballs
                                                    soup: Squash Bisque
                                                    App: Bone marrow bordelaise and cippolini
                                                    Main: Maine lobster, foie gras and whipped corn
                                                    dessert: bread pudding and vanilla gelato

                                                    I haven't been to one of these for quite a while, so I'm looking forward to checking it out, especially the main course!

                                                    More info and reservations at 305-892-7578

                                                    1. Chowfather posted a good looking one this week:
                                                      Stag's Leap Wine Cellars Dinner @ Malcolm's: the art of food (good winemaker, and good price at $110).

                                                      Deets courtesty of CF at:

                                                      1. DB Bistro Moderne having Loire Valley dinner with winemaker Domaine Breton (Chenin Blancs and Cabernet Francs from the middle Loire), "paired with a four-course menu specially crafted by Executive Chef Matthieu Godard."

                                                        Tuesday, March 5, 2013
                                                        6:30 PM reception | 7 PM dinner
                                                        Tickets: $131 = $100 + 9% sales tax + 22% gratuity

                                                        1. Just signed up for probably the final "Distinguished Visiting Chef dinner" at Johnson and Wales (1701 NE 127th Street) for the year on Friday, April 26.

                                                          Looks like a good one: Juliana Gonzalez, chef of Baceloneta!

                                                          $85 for 4 courses includes tax and wines (including reception at 6pm).

                                                          I went to the one in January and it was a good time (but keep your wine glass full because it can get a little speechy - like a wedding dinner).

                                                          RSVP with Irene M. Coroalles:

                                                          1. Hat tip to chowfather's blog for this one:
                                                            Meat Market Cocktails & Cuisine for Boston Marathon Victims 5.22.13, priced at $75 per person (plus tax and gratuity) will feature five sumptuous courses of Brasel’s creative contemporary cuisine, paired with inventive libations curated by Pattek, winner of Esquire’s Woodford Reserve Manhattan Competition and an instrumental force in Miami’s cocktail movement. The dinner begins promptly at 7:30 p.m.; seating is limited and advance reservations strongly suggested by calling (305) 532-0088. Complete menu below:

                                                            Amuse Bouche

                                                            Kumamoto oysters topped with Fresno yuzu sorbet
                                                            White truffle Kobe tartare served on Parmesan crostini
                                                            Wood-grilled chili caramel lamb tenderloin on sugarcane
                                                            Prime Angus short rib and smoked corn empanadas

                                                            A Smokey “Aperitivo” Cocktail – Talisker 10yr, Campari, Pear Puree, Mandarine Napolêon Liqueur, Oloroso Sherry and Fresh Lemon Juice, Bacon Smoked Sea Salt Rim

                                                            First Course
                                                            Tuna Carpaccio with Vodka Tuna Olive Aioli, wood-grilled Sourdough, Fried Capers

                                                            Honey Mountain Bloom – Double Cross vodka, fresh honeydew melon juice, tarragon infused honey, Swedish herb bitters, fresh lemon juice

                                                            Second Course

                                                            Vegetarian Choclo “crab” cake, King Crab Salad, Tequila Yogurt Remoulade

                                                            Mercado – Avion Reposado tequila, passion fruit juice, mint, fresh lime, habanero yucateca infused agave, salt & pepper rim

                                                            Third Course

                                                            Certified Angus Beef™ wood-grilled Deckle, Truffle Ricotta Potato Ravioli, Gin Fennel Cream Spinach and Fried Chili Onion Rings

                                                            Holland Rhubarb Fizz – Nolet’s gin, fennel, rhubarb, ginger, fresh lemon, Mandarine Napolêon Liqueur, Dutch colonial bitters and a splash of bitter lemon soda

                                                            Fourth Course
                                                            George Dickel Chocolate Bourbon Walnut Pie with Brown Sugar Bourbon Ice Cream and Sour Whipped Cream

                                                            The Waltz – George Dickel 12yr bourbon, Pierde Almas Mezcal, cold coffee and walnut liqueur, topped with vanilla & praline whipped cream

                                                            Meat Market is located at 915 Lincoln Road on South Beach. Reservations for the Culinary & Cocktail Dinner are limited and can be made by calling (305) 532-0088. www.meatmarketmiami.com

                                                            1. Ruth's Chris has a Robert Mondavi 5-course wine dinner on June 13 for $95 at all SoFla locations. http://www.southflorida.com/restauran...

                                                              1. Newton Vineyard Collectors Dinner at the Dutch @ W Hotel: Thursday, May 30th at 7pm for $100++

                                                                1. db Bistro Moderne will be hosting a spirits tasting dinner "celebrating the art of the cocktail" on Thursday, June 27. The price of the event is $95 and includes a four-course meal with six different cocktails and a half-hour cocktail reception.

                                                                  The price with tax and gratuity comes to about $101, so this is a good deal. Tickets at : http://dbbistromiaspiritsdinner.event...

                                                                  1. Another Johnson & Wales DVC dinner later this month: 9/27 (Friday), and I'm super upset that my wife/date is going out of town that day because the visiting chef is Jose Mendin from Pubbelly! $85 all inclusive including drinks, and if they include some of the signature cocktails (often these dinners do at the reception), it will be an amazing deal. Lots of "greatest hits" from the restaurant are on the menu.

                                                                    1. Deal at Escopazzo this Thursday:
                                                                      7 dishes paired with wines for $35.