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Rendezvous Rec's

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Heading to rendezvous next week, anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. I've only been there once, but if the skate wing is on the menu, by God make sure you get it!

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      I was really disappointed with the food (skate included) that's come out of the kitchen after Deepak Kaul left. The skate (and a similar preparation of halibut) in the good ol' days were good indeed...

    2. The chicken liver app. is amazing, if you like chicken livers!!!

      1. I thought the vegetable antipasto was really different and good.

        1. I was there last week and had the following:

          celery juice cocktail (delightful and refreshing!)
          oysters (how could they not be good?)
          pea/spinach soup with creme fraiche (very, very good)
          duck three ways (their version of a choucroute and so delicious - the duck sausage and confit leg were especially good)

          my father had the braised meatballs with orechiette and piave cheese and he loved it. I could barely steal a bite!

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            I second the meatballs- they are outstanding! The roast chicken is also great- but I didn't like the gnocchi very much..

          2. The new seasonal menu is full of things I haven't tried. Time for a revisit. Some things I do see that I've liked: vegetable antipasto, charcuterie plate, lemon pudding with huckleberry sauce. Cocktails are always well made here.

            1. I absolutely love the gnocci and the meatballs as well. I'm a big fan of the short ribs, which are unfortunately not on the new menu.

              I also second the recommendation for the lemon-buttermilk pudding with huckleberry sauce.

              1. There's one new dish on the menu that I have to heartily recommend, an app of sauteed squid in a very complex tomato-based stew with MaraƟ peppers (a mildly hot Turkish chili I'd never heard of before), onions, black olives, saffron, maybe some fennel. Purportedly inspired by Johnson's recent trip to Barcelona. I bread-mopped that plate clean. Fantastic.

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                  I will second MC's rave for the squid dish, which is a first course but quite a generous portion. You could order a salad (shaved artichoke!) and the squid and then have the fabulous lemon buttermilk pudding and it would be a great meal.

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                    That's what my father had for his starter...thanks for reminding me. He LOVED it and also did the bread-mopping to get every last bit.

                  2. there's a new dessert on the menu as of two weeks ago; a rice pudding with mangoes steamed in a banana leaf. I thought it was pretty good, and there's a nice wine pairing you can ask for too.

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                      When I got it the thing was totally inedible. The rice wasn't cooked all the way through, and there was way too much cardamom flavor. Crunchy + acrid = not good dessert.