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Whole Bean Coffee?

I'm looking for good whole coffee beans for my coffee-loving boyfriend. He has spent time in Italy and I am assuming he prefers the kind of coffee that is favored there - I know he doesn't like "flavors" like hazelnut and vanilla. Is there a specialty store in central Jersey that has a good gourmet coffee section?

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  1. Here's a place located in central NJ where you can order online. I buy my green beans from them. http://tinyurl.com/5nqv2h

    1. you could try Small World Coffee, in Princeton. You can order online from them. They roast their own beans. http://store.smallworldcoffee.com/
      i love SWC!

      1. I strongly recommend Ahrre's Coffee Roastery, located in Westfield. Below is their website:


        1. Thanks! I will definitely check these out. Just wanted a brand/company that was foodie-recommended as I am more of a Wawa/Dunkin Donuts coffee gal.

          1. Have you tried Jersey Shore Coffee Roasters? http://www.jerseyshorecoffeeroasters....
            They are just offof Rt 36, in Leonardo. I have only tried a few types of their coffee, but enjoyed all of it. I also have seen thier products for sale at Whole Foods in Middletown.

            1. In Asbury Park there's a roaster, thusly titled "Asbury Park Roastery". It's run by a really sweet woman who has always offered me her professional advice, and is sure to notify me of the freshest roasted beans she has (I like buying ones that are 1 day old).

              Been going there for over a year now, and I've never been disappointed. The Ethiopian Harrar she roasts is really good!

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                I've had the AP Roastery coffee (from whole foods, mind you), but I was under the impression they've either moved or closed... any info? I went by that second-ave site and didn't see the storefront anymore

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                  Odd. I was there on Saturday, May 3rd, and picked up a bunch of Kenya AA, Sumatra, and Ethiopian. I really hope she hasn't closed down.

                  When I was there on Saturday, the place didn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, but in this modern day and age, you never know. Please keep me posted! Thanks!

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                    it is distinctly possible that I was so low on coffee intake that morn I could have looked the wrong way or down the wrong street and basically had brain freeze... we're still talking 2nd Ave, right off Main to the west, right?

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                      Yep. It's next to a fashion botique right off of 2nd ave, between Main Street and Memorial Drive (right over the tracks).

                      You have me worried, now. =P

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                        no, no... don't fret... when I went by and thought I saw an empty storefront, it was before you said you were there... sorry for the false alarm... I'm just glad I stumbled onto the posts here so that I could set myself straight... again, I KNOW NOTHING.... thanks for the info

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                          Whew! That's a relief. I'm running low on beans and was planning another trip there on Saturday anyway. =)

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                            my bad, sorry, SORry.... I called and confirmed that all is well and unchanged... I am ready for the cuckoo's nest... I will ban myself from posting to any thread for the next 48 hours as punishment

              2. Whole Foods in Middletown carries freshly roasted beans from the Allegro Company which are delicious. They have a good variety of beans and roasts, including several which are "Fair Trade." They also carry pre-packaged beans from local roasters. I totally agree with your boyfriend. I do not like flavored beans either. Give me a good French roast or Columbian and I am a happy camper.

                1. You definitely need to go to Rojo's Roastery in Lambertville!


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                    This place is the best. Roasted on site, top of the line equipment and the owner/roaster is generally around. They also serve Bent Spoon Ice Cream and Sorbets, as well as J's Scones. The espresso is top of the line, best in NJ IMO and I love their water processed decaf beans as well.

                  2. not sure where you are, but on the Hoboken/Jersey City border is a roaster called Kobricks. They supply restaurants and coffee bars and sell retail from the building where they roast. In a pich, there's always Trader Joe's which is not perfect, but some of their coffees ie. Bay Blend are pretty good.

                    1. Illy Coffee is AMAZING! From Italy and worth every penny.
                      They have it at most supermarkets