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May 13, 2008 11:30 AM

Whole Bean Coffee?

I'm looking for good whole coffee beans for my coffee-loving boyfriend. He has spent time in Italy and I am assuming he prefers the kind of coffee that is favored there - I know he doesn't like "flavors" like hazelnut and vanilla. Is there a specialty store in central Jersey that has a good gourmet coffee section?

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  1. Here's a place located in central NJ where you can order online. I buy my green beans from them.

    1. you could try Small World Coffee, in Princeton. You can order online from them. They roast their own beans.
      i love SWC!

      1. I strongly recommend Ahrre's Coffee Roastery, located in Westfield. Below is their website:

        1. Thanks! I will definitely check these out. Just wanted a brand/company that was foodie-recommended as I am more of a Wawa/Dunkin Donuts coffee gal.

          1. Have you tried Jersey Shore Coffee Roasters? http://www.jerseyshorecoffeeroasters....
            They are just offof Rt 36, in Leonardo. I have only tried a few types of their coffee, but enjoyed all of it. I also have seen thier products for sale at Whole Foods in Middletown.