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May 13, 2008 11:17 AM

Plaka Cafe in Georgetown

Has anybody tried this yet ? I searched both the Austin and the Texas boards and found no hits.

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  1. It's been open for about a month I believe. I've been there twice and enjoyed it both times. The menu is a bit confusing to me, on the board above the serving line there are lots photos with no names. Most of the food is very good. It's always been fresh and well-seasoned. They have a side of lima beans that seems to come standard with each meal. Sounded gross, but they were actually quite good.

    My kids gave it a big thumbs up. The people running the place seem genuinely happy to receive their guests/patrons. Also, I don't think anything was above $9 so the price is right!!!

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      What kind of food do they serve? On a google search, I turned up a Greek and a Mexican restaurant named Plaka Café.

    2. I was there on Saturday night. Two of us had the Special for the night, which was lamb shanks with orzo (pasta) and it was delicious. One of us had the mousaka plate and it wasn't much out of the ordinary. I get the feeling that probably the daily specials are the way to go. On the other hand, it's not fair to judge having only tried the mousaka. We wil eventually try all the other regular dishes. It's just that the specials sound really good.

      For dessert we had baklava, galaktboureko and rizogalo. All very good.

      Very informal seating, by the way. You get in line and order cafeteria style, and you pay at the end of the line. Then you find a table and sit down. From the conversations around us, it was clear that quite a few of the customers were repeat customers and knew each other.

      We will definitely go back again.

      There is a menu online at their website:

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        Thanks for posting the menu ..I am going to give it a try. I like Zorba's in Round Rock but will drive up the road one of these days.

      2. We've been about 5 times already. The roasted chicken (on a spit, aka souvlaki) is great, especially on the salad. I really appreciate that they have fava as a side (aka lima beans-- in Greece they call them fava) and the owners are actually Greek.

        The lamb is very flavorful and the moussaka --by which I judge all Greek places-- was very solid (good bechamel), but would have been better made with lamb than beef (IMHO).

        Nearly everything we've had has been good. The weakest point has been the hummus which is a bit thinner/less rich than I'd like. Overall, we're incredibly thrilled to have a non-chain/non-mexican joint move into the area, and apparently we're not the only ones because it seems they've been very, very successful so far.

        Wanted to add - although the name of the place is Plaka, I found the food to be more on the Turkish influence side than interior Greek.