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May 13, 2008 11:13 AM

Need a quick AC rec for Saturday night

Have a big group going down to AC. I am trying to set up a dinner for Saturday night. The problem is I could have as many as 16-18 people. I cannot do Buddakan, next reservation is like June of 2010. I am somewhat tired of the Borgata. We are staying at Harrah's so the buffet is out since we will do that Friday. Can't do Mexico or Los Amigos because the bachelor is not a mexican fan. Sushi would be cool, but would take too long with a party that large. Looking for any suggestions on a short notice. Otherwise, I may just have everyone grab a burger at Game On which is just bar food. Any place that is a little out of the way that a large group could converge on for dinner? It doesn't have to be in a casino.

I'm not looking for Ruth Chris, but I'd like something more than Bill's Gyro Souvlaki.

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  1. This is the only occasion I would ever recommend PF Chang's. It's a big, nice room (2 floors?) located near/in the Tropicana.

      1. Try Tun Tavern ( Certainly big enough for your group...good on-site brewery...decent food.

        1. You should also give a try to get a reservation at Carmine's in Tropicana - good for large groups - if you willing to eat a bit earlier or later you shouldn't have a problem with a reservation for a group even as large as yours.

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            Great suggestions. I never even knew Tun Tavern existed.

            1. re: juice

              Well somehow I got a reservation (the night before) at Chef Vola's, a wonderful Italian restaurat in the basement of an old house. Low ceilings, more Italians than you can shake a stick at, and portions that were plentiful and quite good. It reminded me of being at my Italian grandmother's house for Sunday dinner. By the time we were seated it was 8:45 and it was still packed. Good prices, good food, and BYOB. I can see why this place has quite the following, I would highly recommend it!