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May 13, 2008 11:10 AM

Best Salad in NYC

Recently moved to the Gramercy/Murray Hill area and I am seeking out the best salads in this area, but please feel free to give me all your opinions on salad throughout Manhattan. I have eaten at all the typical lunch salad places, Chop't, Tossed, Just Salad, Cosi etc., while these places are satifying for a quick lunch, they dont really make the cut for dinner food fare...please share your thoughts.


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  1. Starwich on E. 53rd St. makes nice, upscale salads.

    1. Perfect! Then you MUST try Organique...Best salads in the area. My all-time fave is Landmarc's grilled shrimp salad.

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        I walk by Organique every day - now I have a reason to stop in - thanks!

      2. When i lived there i adored the Cobb Salad from Cinema diner. Huge too.

        1. I love the cobb salad at Route 66 Cafe, 56th and 9th. It's enormous and delicious, and their grilled chicken breast is always juicy and tender (hard to find, I think chicken breast is usually very dry). I also like the Phuket salad and Cobb salad at Island Burgers (51st and 9th, I believe). I've been ordering the grilled portobello mushroom salad from Tuscany (55th and 6th) for lunch a lot lately, and it's pretty good - they're generous with the mushrooms and other grilled vegetables, and they have an excellent house vinaigrette and salsa verde (I like to mix the two for a the perfect salad dressing).

          1. Petite Abeille has a good chicken salad.