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Best Salad in NYC

Recently moved to the Gramercy/Murray Hill area and I am seeking out the best salads in this area, but please feel free to give me all your opinions on salad throughout Manhattan. I have eaten at all the typical lunch salad places, Chop't, Tossed, Just Salad, Cosi etc., while these places are satifying for a quick lunch, they dont really make the cut for dinner food fare...please share your thoughts.


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  1. Starwich on E. 53rd St. makes nice, upscale salads.

    1. Perfect! Then you MUST try Organique...Best salads in the area. My all-time fave is Landmarc's grilled shrimp salad.


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        I walk by Organique every day - now I have a reason to stop in - thanks!

      2. When i lived there i adored the Cobb Salad from Cinema diner. Huge too.

        1. I love the cobb salad at Route 66 Cafe, 56th and 9th. It's enormous and delicious, and their grilled chicken breast is always juicy and tender (hard to find, I think chicken breast is usually very dry). I also like the Phuket salad and Cobb salad at Island Burgers (51st and 9th, I believe). I've been ordering the grilled portobello mushroom salad from Tuscany (55th and 6th) for lunch a lot lately, and it's pretty good - they're generous with the mushrooms and other grilled vegetables, and they have an excellent house vinaigrette and salsa verde (I like to mix the two for a the perfect salad dressing).

          1. Petite Abeille has a good chicken salad.

            1. I like Josies which is in the high 30s and 3rd I believe. Have never eaten there but order their warm macadamia chicken salad with hearts of palm, mango and avocado almost on a weekly basis.

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                Josie's spinach salad with avacado, braised tofu and corn is really outstanding too (usually get it without the peppers and chickpeas). But you have to eat it at Josie's to get the sweet potato spread that comes with the focaccia.

              2. i must opine abt a brooklyn restaurant. al di la, i think own of the best restauants anywhere, has a "white salad". all great white vegetables sliced thin.. fennel, cabbage et al. memorable and off the charts delish... the restaurant is on the hopping 5th avenune in brooklyn. its a fun day on sat or sun to stroll park slope....

                1. The best salad I've had recently was at Turquoise (?) at 100th Street and Broadway. It's huge and uses a very simple Mediterranean dressing: olive oil, lemon, salt, c'est tout!

                  1. Actually ordered from Libretto's, I believe it is on 3rd between 36 &37. For a pizza place, they have a great chopped salad, it was lettuce, tomatoes, roasted peppers, chick peas, kalamata olives and feta cheese with a great balsamic dressing! I highly recommend it!

                    1. I think salad is such a broad concept that it's difficult to talk in general terms about what the best ones are. A really great ceasar salad can be delicious, sure. But with the cheese and dressing it might pack as much fat as a hamburger. That's my way of saying that I like my salads healthful and delicious. For me, the best salad will have two general characteristics: 1) a variety of vegetables and 2) those vegetables are finely chopped. These two characteristics will generally ensure that the salad tastes good as with each bite you get a mix of different vegetables. And it will be nutritious because the different veggies have different vitamins and minerals.I hate it when you order a "salad" and all you get is some iceberg lettuce and some tomato wedges, and about 1/4 cup of dressing.
                      So my ideal sald would have greens, carrots, tomatos, bell peppers, brocolli (fresh, not thawed), radishes, onions, green olives, radishes, and cucumbers, for starters. A simple and light coat of dressing is fine because the combination of veggies gives you plenty of flavor.
                      You can get this sort of thing at dozens of places around the city. But I've never found the freshness of the produce at any of them to be that compelling. My dad makes a great salad, with fresh veggies, and that keeps me going home to visit as often as possible!

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                        Obviously, for convenience or going out to dinner with others, buying a salad is a good option. But, I agree with dg5411. Also, it is amazing how much money per week I saved when I stopped buying a salad for lunch everyday, and instead made my own at home and dressed it right before eating. I just go to a greenmarket or good market such as Fairway and pickup whatever is in season. I probably save a good $50 a week doing this and I find it's much better. This is my preference though.

                      2. I like the salads at Pita Grill. They can be a bit on the expensive side, but if you add grilled chicken it's a very filling meal.

                        1. One of my favorite dinner salads is the Thai beef salad at Kittichai in Soho.

                          1. Les Halles has an amazing Frisee salad with lardon bacon, clue cheese and croutons. It is probably not healthy, but absolutely delicious

                            1. my favorite salad is at VIRGILS
                              it has a mixture of brisket and chix

                              it rawks