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Oct 21, 2002 03:10 PM

Looking for CHEAP Pumpkins

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OK, here is the deal. THis is not exactly a chowhound thing persay... but i thought that somebody may be able to help.

I am hosting a Pumpkin carving party this weekend. there will be about 25 kids. So i need to get about 30-35 pumpkins.

Does anybody know of/has anybody seen a place where pumpkins can be got... CHEAP!

I went to costco on the weekend and they did not even have pumpkins.

Any help is appreciated.

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  1. t
    torta basilica

    Don't know where you're located, but Grower's Ranch in Costa Mesa has tons of pumpkins - don't know the price per lb, but everything there is a super bargain, so I would call 1st & see if worth the drive. They all looked really good, too! They also have a lot of those cute little pumpkins & ugly gourds for decorating, which are much less than the cost at the supermarket.

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    1. re: torta basilica

      Where abouts in CM is Growers market? or maybe a web site?

      1. re: Chris
        torta basilica

        It's at 101 E 17th on the corner of Newport Blvd. & 17th, behind a Denny's. Phone 949 631-7880. And I think I gave you the wrong name - it's Grower's Direct. Grower's Ranch is up Newport Blvd & not as cheap (better produce, but you asked for cheap!)

        1. re: torta basilica
          torta basilica

          Was just there - they are .29/lb. That actually sounded expensive to me, since they're so heavy, but haven't compared to supermarkets.

    2. Take a drive up to Fillmore.
      Go North on the 5 Fwy. to the 126 East (It's just passed Magic Mountain)......
      There is numerous roadside fruit stands and they have tons of pumpkins, cheap!
      Don't forget to try some real fresh-squeezed o.j. while your there!

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      1. re: slowrider

        Just went up to Tierra Rejada Farms in Moorpark CA. They have thousands of pumpkins starting at 1.00 for decently sized ones and going up to 15.00 for gargantuan looking things.

        The farms has a Fall Harvest Festival with the usual assortment of rides, music, corn maze (maize maze?) and games that can be had for a fee. In this area are the fields with pumpkins and its a pick your own kinda thingy. They have them in all sizes and various colors also. You can borrow wheel barrows to carry your jack o lanterns to be.

        The great thing about the farm is that there is also a rather large section where you get to pick your own veggies. You have a wheel barrow and go from section to section and pick what you like and then for it on your way out. I was able to gather young zuchini (and blossoms), squash, carrots, beets, heirloom tomatoes--including these incredibly gorgeous purple cherokees and orange cherry tomatoes-, and an incredible amount of peppers including bell (purple, red, orange and golden), pasillas, and serrano. Also managed to pick a small basket of raspberries, but this season seems to be winding down.

        Brought home 5 bags full of freshly picked produce, 3 pumpkins and some native american corn for the thanksgiving centerpiece and it all came to 37.00 (plus the 3.00) entrance fee. Parking is plenty and I imagine there will be a large crowd this coming weekend.


      2. try Smart & Final. they are everywhere and usually have cheap pumpkins.

        1. I saw some pumpkins at the Silverlake TJ's for about $3 each. That's pretty good, no? I'm sure other TJ's have them also.

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          1. re: Sonia

            Yep, Trader Joe's on 3rd & Fairfax also has them for $2.99

          2. Superior markets has pumpkins 5 lbs for $1.00. Good and cheap for med pumpkins around $2.00 for 10lb ones