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May 13, 2008 10:39 AM

Frozen Sour Cherries?

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for frozen sour cherries. They are great for pies! I've seen them in natural food stores before, but never in the Boston area. Has anyone seen them?



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  1. Someone replied to me when I asked the very same question that sometimes Russian markets carry them. I tried Russian Village in Brookline but they were out a couple weeks ago. But I think they do occasionally carry them.

    1. I've been looking too, and have not been able to find them. You can find the sweet, but not the sour around here. I think there are online sources in Michigan that will ship frozen cherries, if you feel up to paying the shipping rates.

      One week last year they had fresh sour cherries at Stop and Shop and I bought 6 quarts, pitted them all and froze them. Still have enough to make one more pie, sorry, not sharing. That was a lot of work!

      1. I've seen sour cherries in the can in almost every grocery store - in their juice, not syrup. That's what I use for my pies.

        1. I've gone through this search also, with no luck. The best I've been able to do out of season is the bottled Morello's at Trader Joe's. It's not too long though until we'll have fresh ones available for picking at the local farms.

          1. I bought frozen sour cherries today at Baza in Newton. They are in clear plastic containers in the freezer. 12.8 ounces, pitted for $3.99. I don't know if they have them all the time but I was tickled to finally find some as they are impossible to locate in this area.

            They also had some bagged pitted cherries but I couldn't see the fruit so not sure if they were sweet or sour.