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May 13, 2008 09:59 AM

Fine French Dining - Las Vegas - You Choose

If the choices were:

Eiffel Tower

Which would you choose and why? For the date we're considering, the only Andre's available is the one in the Monte Carlo, though we would prefer the original up north. Otherwise, the view is not as important as the food, service, ambiance. We have never been to any of them but need something special.

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  1. I loved Andre's but have only been to the downtown location. I have heard good things about the one at the Monte Carlo though.

    1. picasso if you've never been. doesn't vary much from year to year but they've perfected the menu after being open for a decade. go with the degustation and you'll experience dining at its finest (for the price range) with top notch service and decor.

      otherwise, i recommend alize. i know you mentioned view not important but this crown jewel of the palms hotel has an amazing vista of the entire strip.

      1. picasso. easily the best of these four.

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          Picasso, best meal we ever ate in the best room we've ever been in.

        2. Have you thought of going to Pamplemousse on Sahara Avenue just east of the Strip? Http://

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            I really love that pamplemousse if you want to get out of the crowds and have some fun ... old vegas style