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May 13, 2008 09:59 AM

new recipe websites/blogs?

I cook a lot and look at several websites for recipes/inspiration. I am, however, in a bit of a rut with epicurious and allrecipes. Does anyone have suggestions for other websites or food blogs that have good recipes?


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  1. RecipeZaar has recipes that are rated by users.

    1. There is a search engine to search food blogs of all kinds that I love. It is:

      1. Another search engine I like for finding recipes is It searches a lot of different recipe sites--major sites like RecipeZaar and AllRecipes, cooking magazines, celebrity chef sites, and a whole bunch more. You can search from their website or add a search plug-in to Firefox.

        online, PA

        1. Try this one...hubba-hubba! Someone on this board mentioned it recently...

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              This website is GORGEOUS.... thanks!

                1. re: sarah galvin

                  I am addicted to this blog. I haven't made many of the recipes, but I sure do enjoy reading them. She's so witty.