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new recipe websites/blogs?

I cook a lot and look at several websites for recipes/inspiration. I am, however, in a bit of a rut with epicurious and allrecipes. Does anyone have suggestions for other websites or food blogs that have good recipes?


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  1. RecipeZaar has recipes that are rated by users.


    1. There is a search engine to search food blogs of all kinds that I love. It is:


      1. Another search engine I like for finding recipes is FoodieView.com. It searches a lot of different recipe sites--major sites like RecipeZaar and AllRecipes, cooking magazines, celebrity chef sites, and a whole bunch more. You can search from their website or add a search plug-in to Firefox.

        online, PA

        1. Try this one...hubba-hubba! Someone on this board mentioned it recently...


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              This website is GORGEOUS.... thanks!

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                  I am addicted to this blog. I haven't made many of the recipes, but I sure do enjoy reading them. She's so witty.

                2. www.marthastewart.com/dinnertonight
                  it's a daily dinner selection by the editors at Martha's Everyday Food magazines.

                  1. Here I three that I check out regularly:

                    http://www.101cookbooks.com (Heidi Swanson's blog--healthy, vegetarian emphasis
                    --aka Simply Recipes (this is one of my favorites and
                    the recipes are quite varied

                    1. Oh gosh you have to read Mark Bittman....

                      Then there's


                      Click on the favorite links at these different blog sites and you will find a whole 'nother world out there.

                          1. http://www.cooks.com/


                            I actually have gotten a few of my healthier recipes off of the mayo clinic website as well.





                            not sure how new any of them are.....i also like the cooking light, food and wine, and vegetarian times sites.

                            Not to mention the recipe groups on FB !

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                              Any recipe groups on FB in particular?

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                                Which groups on FB are good? There are a zillion groups! Are there ones you like?

                              2. http://www.jemangelaville.com/ imaginative, creative, charming, great photos.

                                1. I like these two:

                                  Becky and the Beanstock http://beckyandthebeanstock.com

                                  She's eating her way through a year's worth of heirloom beans, but the recipes are diverse and imaginative and the writing is funny. Photos are okay but seem to get getting better. Recipes are mostly easy and use a lot of whole foods.

                                  Gluten-free Girl http://glutenfreegirl.blogspot.com/

                                  I'm not gluten-free (nor do I ever wish to be!) but her recipes are good, and a lot of them sidestep gluten all together and therefore there is no call for gluten-alternatives. She uses beautiful ingredients, and her writing is passionate and winding and fun to read.

                                  1. Come cook over at my place, you might win some stuff too!