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May 13, 2008 09:35 AM

Suggestions for a first course

Hello, I am having a dinner party for eight Sat night. The main course is beef tenderloin with a red wine sauce that is cooked with oxtail and reduced along with roasted asparaus and mashed potatoes. For dessert, I am making creme brulee. Since the main course and dessert are relatively simple to prepare I am looking for a first course that will really be impressive. Any ideas? I have all day Sat free to cook so complicated it ok.

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  1. melange of sauteed mushrooms en croute

    it'll go great with the beef and is pretty seasonal right now, especially if you're in the northern midwest and can get morels

    1. You could go with an assortment of canapes.....the dinner is heavy and substantial...... depending on the time you want to devote,,,,myriad of items
      You gould make a cream cheese based dill dip/filling....stuff cherry tomato's , cucumber crowns, celery boats.....American caviars on toast points/rounds with creme fraiche......smoked salmon/gravlax on lightly buttered toast points with fresh mentioned many options for varying skill level....makes a nice presentation and won't necessarily bog anyone down before your entree....

      1. I would suggest something light and vegetable oriented since you've got a substantial protein as your main -- perhaps chilled pea soup with mint, or vichysoisse? Or perhaps fava bean puree with crostini.

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          oh i love the fava bean idea! they are in season.

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            I made it recently, which is why I thought of it. There is a recipe in the April/May issue of Fine Cooking which is the basis for what I did.

        2. You can always do a fish course - like a lobster bisque, or scallops wrapped in bacon with a maple-mustard sauce. Gravlax with creme fraiche & chives served on top of thick potato chips can also be passed around with cocktails. Or a spicy crab salad served atop boston lettuce wedges will also fit the bill nicely.

          And I love the fava bean crostini, but if you don't want that much bread, you can present it as a salad with chopped bacon & feta with a splash of white balsamic. Very yummy! Have fun!