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May 13, 2008 09:05 AM

Eggs from different fowl?

I just bought some guinea hen eggs; at times I've bought duck eggs, and tiny quail eggs. Does anyone have any information on various eggs - I suppose how to prepare them would better fit in "Home Cooking"?

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  1. From experience, I know that duck & goose eggs are much richer than chicken eggs (due in part to larger yolks). You can't substitute them, even on a weight basis, because the ratio of yolk/white is different. To me, duck eggs taste "ducky" and are better used in savory applications.

    Quail eggs are good for garnishes, pickling, visual puns--I can't really distinguish much taste difference between quail & chicken eggs. But I've only had commercial quail eggs, don't know if farm-fresh might make a difference.

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      I cooked and ate one of the guinea hen eggs ("oeufs de pintade"). As the seller at Jean-Talon Market in Montréal had said, there is a lot of yolk and not much white. Rich indeed, though small.

    2. In Bolivia we used to get rhea (ostrich family) eggs. Made pretty dramatic bacon & eggs and very good omlettes. We love our duck eggs.

      1. We have geese and I like to bake cakes with their eggs. We also have guineas and their eggs are very small and their shells are very hard. They are good if you scramble up a bunch of them. I have had duck eggs and they taste a little too strong for me to eat straight for breakfast things.

        1. Curiousity from a good OP.

          Do Emu and Ostrich farms deal in eggs as well as meat and oil? Has anyone anything to report on those if they do?

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            The emu farmers always would bring an egg or two to the Dane County Farmers Market in Madison-WI; I never had the courage to buy one though. They are huge!