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May 13, 2008 09:05 AM

Best Restaurants in Downtown Austin

We are contemplating a move to Austin, we currently live in Mexico City where the restaurant food, service, all around dining experience is fantastic. we are headed to Austin to suss it out, and would like advice on 2 or 3 downtown establishments that are upscale elegant and tasty. killer wine list a bonus too. We are looking for things other than tex mex, BBQ, or Tacos. thanks!

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  1. Restaurant Jezebel on Congress and 9th approximately fits your definition to a t.

    1. Some of these might fit your criteria depending on your personal definition of terms:
      Jeffrey's, Driskill, Zoot, Trio, Wink, Finn & Porter, Café Josie, Castle Hill
      Uchi, Starlite, Vespaio, Jezebel, Aquarelle

      1. I say Wink, too. Love it, love it, love it.

        1. I second Parkside and Aquarelle. Both amazing, and completely different (Parkside is modern and casual, Aquarelle is authentic French). Wink is great, too, but the men I've taken there tend to be hungry 30 minutes after dinner. (Their portions are delicious but small.)