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Great news re Ask Aida


Here's to her creating a show with integrity and substance!

Is it fair to wonder if a less comely member of the staff would have had an equal shot at a show though? :)

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  1. All our staff members are comely!

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    1. re: davina

      Wow, I wish I worked in your office! (But I guess I'd wish that anyway.)

      1. re: tatamagouche

        I knew there was a reason they made me work from home! I'm not comely enough for the office. *

        I'm excited to see Aida's show. We used to have a call-in cooking show on Food Network Canada where she would answer viewer questions, but it was kind of eh. I think there's tons of potential there, though, for really great stuff.

        * Really, I work from home because the commute from Canada to San Francisco is terrible.

    2. Just caught the advertisement for Aida's "Ask Aida" FN show.
      Curious how posters on this Board will be to a new FN show starring a familiar CHOW staffer. Good luck Aida!

      1. Well, based on the promos the Food Network is running, she has the network's trademark come-hither-look-while-showing-cleavage routine down pat.

        I'm sure the show will be great.

        1. Yayyyyy !

          I am still making Aida's Balsamic Fried Eggs recipe as my standby unplanned go-to-10pm-late-dinner about once every 2 weeks

          Can't wait! Just set it to record. Go Aida!

            1. oh so that is Aida! I remember seeing her recipes all over the place when I was using the member's recipes area. That's great for her well Good Luck to her!

              1. "Comely" and talented... score for us!

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                1. re: toutefrite

                  If she were a president she would be "Babebraham" Lincoln.

                    1. re: HarryK

                      so tell me boys, is she magically babelicious? ;)

                      i'm interested to see what kinds of questions/requests aida gets. a friend who used to work for a now-defunct FN show forwarded me some e-mails asking for people to send things in. they were looking for everything from videos to e-mails. it's funny, i told my friend that i couldn't think of anything to ask...and that whenever i do have a food-related dilemma or question, i can always find the answer right here on CH!

                2. Aida had good eye contact and looked lovely on camera. For some reason her long arms distracted me from her audio explanations from time to time.

                  My biggest problem with the debut show (hoping over time it will improve) was the commercial breaks arrived so quickly the show felt stopped & started in an awkward sort of way.

                  I thought, Aida's delivery of grilled steak, veggie tips and so forth could easily replace FN's Food Bytes as pre-commercial inserts instead of a 1/2 hour show.

                  I hate to knock the tech guy but I didn't enjoy his part at all and I didn't expect it. Boring, off on the side lines feeding Aida questions/"running" video could have been a audio/visual "cloud" inserted into the show as Aida continues to chop/grill/saute..I'm not sure a sidekick is needed here....sort of like having your younger brother in the kitchen with you...

                  I do like the idea of a call-in show with viewer questions but I thought the laptop as an aid was immature and distracting from the food prep & highlighting Aida's skills.

                  Good luck Aida!

                  1. I've got Aida on Tivo! Can't wait to go home and watch her FN debut!