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May 13, 2008 08:38 AM


Will be in Lake George area Friday night and have heard that good restaurants are hard to find there. My husband and I will be looking for someplace good for dinner...would appreciate any suggestions.

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      1. re: jaylhorner

        any place with good food and not a tourist trap

      2. Log Jam is not bad...nothing to write home about.
        Trillium at the Sagamore is upscale and fairly descent.
        Friends Lake Inn and Owl At Twilight much better, but a little drive... less of a tourist trap.

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        1. re: jaylhorner

          Second Friends Lake Inn especially if you enjoy wine.

        2. I'll second the Pumpernickels reply, as well as the Trillium if you want to stay relatively "local". Ridge Terrace is a bit of a "throwback" to the log paneled cocktail lounge days up there, but it's typically tasty. In Glens Falls, the Davidson Brothers Brewery is a good brewpub and not touristy ( Sutton's Marketplace in Queensbury has good breakfasts and lunches (

          More out of the way, the Friends Lake Inn (as mentioned) is fabulous, and the Merrill Magee House (in Warrensburg) has been good in the past (but I haven't been there in a couple of years).

          DEFINITELY check operating times with each place though - it's still not "season" up there so some places may not be open yet, or they may have unusual hours. Good luck!