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May 13, 2008 08:38 AM

Most romantic Sat dinner spot in Baltimore

Looking to celebrate an anniversary a short cab ride or so away from inner harbor. Need a very romantic setting (and good food of course!)

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  1. Bicycle, Cinghiale, Henninger's, Salt, Pazo for a drink, or maybe one of the Kali's places because they allow for a stroll by the water in Fells Point before or after.

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    1. re: bawlmeroryuls

      2nd Kali's Court. Sit outside on the terrace, its really cute out there and romantic!

    2. Pazo for the food and NYC atmosphere, but I wouldn't call it "very romantic." I would recommend heading to Mt. Vernon to Sotto Sopra or Ixia.

      1. If you like Indian food, the Ambassador is a beautiful setting. Ask to sit outside..the gardens are magical!

        1. I have always found Abacrombie very romantic. The smooth service and divine food don't hurt. :)

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            I agree with venera - Abacrombie is romantic and it is veeery quiet which I prefer for a romantic evening. Also consider Charleston and request the wine room. I wouldn't scratch Watertable off the list as the views and food are incredible - especially since it sounds like you're lodging in the Inner Harbor area. If you go to Bicycle, definitely ask to sit outside on the back porch/terrace. For Italian, skip Boccacio's and head to Aldo - the wine list is great.

            And, lastly, please let us know where you decide to go! I always like to hear back.

          2. I completely agree with Bicycle. The back patio is magical.
            No one has mentioned Corks in Federal Hill. I like that place- good food, good wine, though I might be partial because I've had unplanned romantic times there.
            If you are willing to ride north a bit, I also recommend Brasserie Tatin near the Homewood campus of JHU. Ask for a banquet seat when you make the reservation- you can hold hands through dinner! LOVE THAT!