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May 13, 2008 08:25 AM

Waterfront dining in Baltimore / Annapolis


I am looking for a semi-romantic waterfront restaurant in the Baltimore / Annapolis area. My requirements are as follows, in order:

1) Great view / waterfront
2) Good food
3) Good service
4) Reasonable prices
5) Decent wine list

I appreciate any recommendations. It is for my girlfriends birthday, so I want to get it right.


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  1. Carroll's Creek in Eastport/Annapolis has waterfront views, has good food, to me the prices are reasonable, but coming from DC my view is a little skewed towards the high side on that. They have a nice wine list as I recall.

    There aren't many places downtown that have a good view of the water plus good food in Annapolis. Cantler's is on the water, but it is more of a crab picking type of place for me, I don't know that I have ever had an entree other than crabs. Same for Mike's but it is on the water too.

    I have never been to Sam's in Annapolis maybe someone else has it might fit the bill?

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      Thanks for the rec, but we were just at Carroll's a little while ago. Anyone else have thoughts?

      1. re: djis

        Can anybody speak to the food at Pussers? If you sit outside you get a great view of all the super expensive boats. I've only stopped there for drinks while meeting with somebody staying at the Marriot.

        1. re: wawajb

          Food is hit or miss, I have had some really good stuff and some mediocre. I had a sandwich with a sweet sauce that was really bad, but have had other good stuff, when I lived in the area I would go for their Tuesday night lobster special (I don't know if they still have that) but it was really good. And I have enjoyed brunch their.

          For the OP look on the recent romantic in baltimore thread they had a couple places on the waterfront they mentioned.

          1. re: wawajb

            I've eaten at Pussers a few times, and I've really enjoyed what I've ordered. In particular, I remember an amazing mahi mahi dish that I had maybe 8 years ago. Since then, I've been back for drinks, and I had a good dinner there about a year ago.