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May 13, 2008 08:25 AM

The Places to Eat & Shop in Provincetown and Cape Cod

Spending the month of August in Provincetown.

What are the "must dine" places in Cape Cod. We will have a car so we can drive outside of Provincetown. Looking for places that will have your eyes rolling into the back of your head!

Bakeries, butcher shops, seafood shops, vegetable stands/shops?

We want to have a list of all the places to get our grocery needs that will truly give us memorable meals cooked at home.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. One of my "must haves" would be the Frozen Mudslides on the outside patio at the Euro. Food there is also pretty good but I couldn't visit P-Town without having a few of those killer mudslides.

      1. Wellfleet Beachcomber on the deck.

        Mac's Shack in Wellfleet.

        1. I grew up in P'town and visit often. Some of these might not be the best food you've ever had, but a food experience you'll never forget.
          - Front Street is just plain fantastic
          - Sal's Place isn't what it used to be, but what it is is still a better dining experience than most. There are 3 dining areas, the front is like sitting in a painting, the back has an amazing view, and the wharf/deck is outside—and heaven.
          - Spiritus' pizza is unique and perfect, best eaten at 'bar rush' 1-2 am. You might not want to try their espresso shake at that hour, but you should try it. Bocce in the back yard.
          - Breakfast at Cafe Heaven or...
          - Cafe Edwige have been reliably great
          - The Penny Patch has better Fudge and candy than the place across the street
          - The Governor Bradford Bar has Backgammon and Chess tables in the window on Commercial Street. The perfect place to blow rainy afternoons (sunny ones too for that matter)
          If you get kicked out of the Bradford, stumble over to the...
          - Old Colony Tap across the street, you'll be welcomed with open arms
          - The Atlantic House is a gay bar with a century+ of amazing history. Your bartender can probably tell you all about it. Check it out late afternoon before it gets loud.
          - Clem and Ursie's is a great seafood market and 'Seafood Shack' style restaurant. They have the old Fried standby's and lots of new twists (Jamaican and the best Sushi in town).
          - Lemba's Health foods is very well stocked
          - Farmer's market at Town Hall Saturday 11-4

          +1 on Mac's in Wellfleet. Eat ON the beach! (Great Fish tacos)
          - Hatch's, a beautiful ($$) vegetable stand and Fish market in the parking lot in the center of Wellfleet

          - Babe's in North Truro has a nice simple breakfast for a change of place

          I'll try to remember more, and I'll report back after my 20 yr class reunion in July!

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          1. re: madtho

            I highly recommend L'Uva, 133 Bradford St in P-Town. Fine dining, delicious food, excellent wine list.


            1. re: madtho

              don't forget about the drag karaoke at Gov Bradfords. the above list is great and complete, add Fanizzi's by the Sea and never sit in the back room. Paul, owner, a great guy. the Mews can be great but can be packed and the Red Inn is up and coming. I am hearing great things about the Crown and Anchor as well....Devons, in the gallery section of town has great breakfast.

              1. re: madtho

                Man, you bring me right back to when I lived there. Your recommendations so closely mimic my own experiences that I think we must have known each other. Thanks for the memories, and have fun in July.

              2. Mac's in Wellfleet Harbor is fabulous, the menu is huge and varied and everything is wonderful. The grilled shrimp wrap is a standout. Arturo's in Eastham is also great, they are the third generation and make really good bread and pizza, have the best red sauce, sandwiches and everything else, eat in or take out. There is also a very good Thai restaurant in Eastham but I've forgotten the name.

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                1. re: taddybelle

                  Tera Luna in Truro is fabulous. Get the Malasadas (fried Portuguese pastry) at the bakery on Commercial St. I have eaten at Ross's Grill, The Mews, Red Inn and Fanazini's and enjoyed them all very much. Mews has a staggering vodka bar if I recall correctly. Friendly Fisherman in Eastham has the best lobster rolls, IMHO. YOU MUST go to the Beachcomber for music, drinks and views..the food is ok too. A real Cape Cod institution on Cahoon Hollow Beach in nearby Welfleet.

                  1. re: phelana

                    Anywhere but Ross' Grille on this list

                    1. re: jspear

                      LOL...maybe phelana knows Ken too.

                        1. re: jspear

                          You crack me up!
                          Going to the cape again in September of 09..staying at Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster..stayed last year and wondered should we do the Brewster Fish House or do you have any other recommendations?
                          PTown is awesome and have a great time for the whole month of August JM and do try the masaladas!

                        2. re: Beach Chick

                          Ken?? Nope, don't know Ken...anyone with that name..should I?

                          1. re: phelana

                            Hi phelana..
                            I wrote about Ross' Grill in PTown and how much I enjoyed it and jspear wrote that I must be friends with Ken the owner to have such a great, when you mentioned that you enjoyed Ross' Grill, I had to chime in.. ; )

                            1. re: Beach Chick

                              I think that Friends of Ken are part of a cult or a 12 step program....

                      1. re: phelana

                        Oh, I've been dreaming of those malasadas! I grew up going to P-town a lot as a kid, and I miss it so much.