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May 13, 2008 08:25 AM

1st time visiting Pittsburgh

I'm going with my girlfriend up to Pittsburgh from Baltimore, Memorial Day weekend to visit with her Father and his side of the Family. So we are looking for something like a Woodberry Kitchen, local/organic for dinner on Saturday and somewhere nice for Brunch on Sunday for just the two of us.

Or maybe just somewhere we shouldn't miss eating in while there.


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  1. the big burrito group is known for emphasis on local ingredients.
    My favorite restaurants in that group are Casbah (love the double cut pork chop) and Eleven (love the scallops and the gnocchi with truffle oil).

    For Brunch, i haven't been here yet, but i've heard great things. On their website they talk about supporting local as well:

    Have fun!

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    1. re: yammers

      Thanks the the suggestions.

      Any word on 6 Penn Kitchen?

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        I must say that I am not overly impressed with Dozen, neither the brunch or the cupcakes. The guys that own it are great though.

      2. Probably the best "farm to table" resto in the area in Bona Terra in Sharpsburg.

        For brunch, I'd suggest you m`ight try Enrico's Tazza d'Oro in Highland Park, which is essentially a neighborhood coffeehouse (with coffee/espresso and bar talent the equal of Artifact or Spro), that also serves a light brunch menu on Sundays. They use a CSA for produce.

        If you're still hungry after that, you can go to one of the local institutions, like Primantis. Just to say you did. I believe the kielbasa and maybe even the eggs are local if that still matters at this point. Can't say about anything else on the menu.

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          for that special brunch you may find Zenith hits the spot.

        2. I'd suggest Legume in Regent Square for dinner (BYOB).

          And for brunch, you can't go wrong with Lidia's in the strip.

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            Lidia's is one of my favorite Brunch spots in Pittsburgh, can't go wrong there.

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              Addiegirl, thank you, thank you, thank you. My SO is in Pittsburgh this week on business (from Phila, and she is there every other month or so) and because of your post, I am the Cat's Meow! (I'm not that old, but it seems like an appropriate expression) I was called the MINUTE she and a coworker returned from their dinner at Legume tonite. I was toasted during the meal - they are going back every time they are in Pittsburgh - long short, the short ribs and fava beans, the lamb steak, the rhubarb crisp, the appetizers I can't recall, were all amazing. The owners were incredibly lovely. The online menu, which said it was "today's menu" actually was! (and it changes daily)The sources of the meats, vegetables, etc were LISTED on the back of the menu! PLEASE support these folks! June 1 is their 1st anniversary, they are celebrating. Please keep them going so I get to go there! Thanks again.

            2. Definitely Bona Terra for dinner. Lydia's for brunch. Or, Dozen in Lawrenceville is charming, although the food is not superspecial. The owner is wonderful and the staff is good. And they do have cute outdoor seating, so if the weather's nice you might appreciate that as an option.

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                I was at Dozen for breakfast last Saturday, we had a cinnamon roll, quiche, chocolate chip muffin, and a black rasberry cheese filled croissant type pastry and we really liked everything. They have excellent coffee from Intelligentsia.