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May 13, 2008 07:59 AM

Chile Rellenos Batter

The chiles rellenos I recently had a a local Jalisco-style restaurant were so far above and beyond anything I've had at the usual Tex-Mex joints. The batter was light and airy, something akin to a properly made Francese batter. I've Googled recipes and seen a few different versions. What is the "right" way to make the batter? All eggs, no flour? Some flour in the eggs? Dredge the peppers in flour, then eggs?


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  1. This is the way that I learned in Texas and it's similar to the way that the Purepecha ladies fix their rellenos on Sunday's in their outdoor cafe here in Michoacan.
    Seperate eggs - one per relleno. Beat up the egg whites til soft peaks form. Then beat the yolks with a little flour, 2 tsp for 4 yolks and about 1 tsp of water. Fold the whites and the yolks together.
    Lightly dust the stuffed peppers with flour and dip in the egg batter. The key is a thin coating of batter. In Michoacan, the ladies cook in rendered pork fat on a comal over a wood fire. I use corn oil on a cast iron griddle on a gas stove.
    The Purepechan ladies also make a thin tomato-based sauce that is really nice with the rellenos. I haven't mastered the sauce yet. They vary the fillings from crumbly cheese to a picadillo.

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      never added flour to the batter. jest dregded the chile in flour and proceeded as above.

    2. The trick to making the batter light and airy is beating the egg whites until they form soft peaks. Then you can use the same basic recipe you have. I love chile rellenos but hate making them since they are time consuming and messy. If you have trouble making the batter stick to the chile, you can pour a line of batter in the oil, place the stuffed chile on top of the batter, and then cover the chile with batter.

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        Or when really lazy, dump the batter over the rellanos and bake at 450. Viola(sic) Chili rellanos casarole

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          Here is a photo of my attempt at Rolly's recipe

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            That looks pretty good! I just made chile rellenos and we had a beaten egg white type of batter, dredged roasted poblanos in flour and fried. Rustic! And nice.

          2. A third for the beating of the whites, then folding in the yolks that have been beaten with a little flour. There's a post around here from last fall when I was in a relleno craze that describes it perfectly.


            1. Almost everybody I know.... dredges in flur, then eggs then pan frying (not deep frying). But there are certainly variations... some deep fry (in my opion a fast food short cut), others do beer batters etc.,