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May 13, 2008 07:55 AM

Legend Chinese Restaurant - terrible service (long)

Located at Yonge and Glen Cameron in Markham, north of Doncaster.

The restaurant had undergone an expansion and renovation. The decor was fancier than before and the price of the dishes reflected that - double the price of similar dishes in downtown Chinatown. Fried rice cost about $18.

I was in a party of 14 people, on Saturday night. We made reservations for 2 tables of 7, for 6pm. The restaurant was not incredibly busy. It was 50% full when we got there around 6 and never reached more than 75% full. The wait staff never seemed rushed.

Each table placed their own orders for plates of food. I was at table 1 and we placed our order before table 2.

After waiting some time, table 2 started to get their plates of food.

Table 2 was half way through their order when someone at our table complained to a waitress that the kitchen seemed to have forgotten our (table 1) order. We expected her respond by saying that she would go to the kitchen and check. Instead, she waved us off by gruffly saying "They wouldn't do that!" and went about her business.

When table 2 got a plate that we at table 1 had also ordered, but we had still not gotten any
food, we knew that the kitchen had forgotten our order. So we complained to the head waitress.

She actually went to the kitchen and checked. Sure enough, she confirmed that the kitchen
had forgotten our order and would try to quickly cook rectify the problem. I expected her to
apologize, but she didn't.

After waiting some more, we decided to cancel some of our plates, as some members of table 1 had lost their appetite. We flagged down the head waitress and told her to cancel 3 of the 7 plates we had ordered.

Finally, our food arrived. After receiving the 4 plates from our order, a gentleman brought a
plate that we had cancelled. We told him we didn't want it as we had already cancelled it.
He tried to encourage us to take it anyways, as the kitchen had already prepared it. We
said no, that we cancelled it and if he had any problems with that, to call over the manager.
He then revealed that he was the manager and we told him that we had cancelled some plates because the kitchen had forgotten our order and members of our party had lost their appetite. At this point, I expected him to apologize, and since the plate was already prepared, perhaps as a gesture to give us the plate for free. He did neither. Instead, he abruptly turned and headed back to the kitchen.

The bill came out to $179. We decided not to leave any tip. The waitress took away our bill and payment, but came back promptly to ask us if we were aware that our bill was $179. We told her that we were aware. Then she asked "What about a tip?" We told her that the service was terrible and didn't warrant a tip. (This reminded me of the article in the Star recently of how tips are now expected, regardless of quality of service.)

What got me really steamed about this experience was that this restaurant was not particularly busy that evening, was charging twice as much as other Chinese restaurants and could not provide service that reflected the price. At no point did we receive an apology and the first waitress waved us off and could not be bothered to go to the kitchen to check on our order.

Needless to say, I won't be going back there.

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  1. Sorry to hear of your experience. We went there for dim sum a few weeks ago and I was quite pleased with the food. Its not a place that I frequent and had not been to for a while, but the tripe and chicken trotters (feet) dishes were some of the best I've had in Toronto....noted that they did not use the reddish colouring on the trotters. Service was OK...not overly friendly, but not rude. Prices seemed pretty average to me (for north GTA)...guess it depends on what you are comparing it to. They don't have much competition (type and quality of food) in the immediate area and it's relatively close for North Yorkers.

    1. Went there recently and post-meal, really can't understand why they had Chinese customers there. Singapore rice noodles were bland with uneven spicing. Hot plate beef and hot plate oysters were very watery with no sizzle. You can see the copious amounts of thin water in each plate in the pics. Maybe other items on menu are their forte.

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        Wow!! Those dishes look BAD!!!! For beef resting on a pool of liquid in a 'Sizzling Hot Plate' is absolutely unforgivable!!
        For Singapore Rice Noodle, the Yang's version will put the Legend version to shame!!